The TRNC Cricketers Launch An Appeal On Behalf Of Rabia Asif

The TRNC Cricketers Launch An Appeal On

Behalf Of Rabia Asif


By Danish Afridi……
Captain of The Gentlemen of Girne

RABIA ASIF is an eight years old Pakistani girl who was diagnosed with Leukaemia a few months ago and is now under ongoing treatment at the Nicosia General Leukaemia ribbonHospital in North Cyprus.

Her father who has worked for an electrical company here for the past eight years, is obviously giving her all the emotional support he can, but the problem is a financial one and they are a relatively poor family. Her situation has come to the attention of The Gentlemen of Girne and Taşkitköy cricket clubs and they have taken a lead in organising a one day cricket tournament at the Pia Bella cricket ground to be held on September 13th with all proceeds going towards RABIA’s ongoing care.

Clearly she will need ongoing help and support and if any reader would like to do so, they can make contact with the family through me.

We would welcome the support of any and all the residents of North Cyprus, whatever their nationality for this most worthy of causes.

Further information (In Turkish or English)  may be obtained from me, Danish Afridi via email or 0548 890 4835

Any Donation, No Matter How Small, Will Be Gratefully Received.

Taşkitköy and The Gentlemen of Girne cricket teams.

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