May 31, 2023

Suffolk Regiment ex-

serviceman entertains his

old Cyprus comrades


By Margaret Sheard…..Suffolk Regiment badge

It seems rather strange promoting an event to be held in the UK but as a lot of the ex-servicemen who served in Cyprus with the Suffolk Regiment in the late 1950’s follow, along with other people in the UK, I thought why not give a bit of promotion.

The event is The Black Katz Duo – Chris Veness Black and Chris and Rosie BRosie B and is to be held on Friday 2nd October at Claydon and Barham Community Centre, Claydon Church Lane, Claydon, Ipswich.  Doors open at 7.30pm and the entertainment will be 8.15 to 9.15pm and 10.15 to 11.15pm.  There is a licensed bar and a raffle will also be held.  Admission will be £5.

As well as writing about these ex-servicemen’s memories of their time in Cyprus, I write frequently about their present day life too and this has also been instrumental in actually finding more of their old comrades.

Chris Veness Black, who will be providing the Artists worked withentertainment accompanied by Rosie B, was one of the ex-servicemen who has been featured in earlier articles.  Chris set up a band with some of the other lads when he was in Cyprus and when he returned to civvy street he continued with a musical career which has carried on to the present day and he is still a “rocker” even now.  During his years as an entertainer, Chris has worked with many well-known celebrities, so he must have so many good memories of this as well as those with his army buddies in Cyprus all of those years ago.

There are 20 or so ex-comrades who are still keeping in contact after all these years, and I am sure if they can make it they will be there for this event.

To see the original articles and some of the more recent reunions of the Suffolk Regiment C Company insert “Suffolk Regiment” in the search box at the bottom of the home page on  There is plenty to read which will perhaps bring back many happy memories.



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  1. Many thanks Margaret, I asked for a mention but the result is terrific and I am sure the lads all feel the same and of course all the young lasses involved as well, must not leave them out especially my mate Rosie.

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