May 31, 2023


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From an early age singing was part of my life. It wasn’t until I joined my first band that I knew I could never let go. Writing original songs and working with musicians and producers is where my true passion lies, and the passion I have for music has and always will be strong.

When my original music and lyrics can touch the hearts of people and reduce grown men to tears, it is then I know music is a gift from God for which I am truly grateful to be part of.

As Friedrich Nietzsche said – A Life Without Music Would Be A Mistake.



The way I like to entertain at my venues, is to start with lots of laid back easy listening songs, because I tend to work mainly in restaurants and hotels where people are eating. I like to be just background music so that people can talk and enjoy their meal. I play lots of Latin tunes as I am a big fan, with a few jazz numbers, working up to my swing stuff. I leave all the up tempo for the second half or when I see that people are ready to dance.

I know a lot of singers here, start with uptempo and keep it that way all night. This is ok for lively bars, but it’s not my way of doing things and I play lots of 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and I play more up to date music at the end when I put my DJ hat on.

I love entertaining, it’s in my blood and will continue to do so until the gigs stop coming in!!!!



The way I like to look at entertainment is, first and foremost, I sing for me…the songs I sing all mean something personal from the various decades of growing up, and I like to think I can convey that with my style of singing. I have a great passion for it, and it’s almost cathartic for me when I can reminisce through the medium of song..

I am not a ‘performer’ as such, I am a vocalist, and I think that comes across well as most of my songs are ballads, deep meaningful songs to take you back to a bygone era…I have great fun when customers are trying to remember a particular song as I like to sing quite obscure tunes and not really mainstream music…Kate Bush, Pink Floyd, Super Tramp, Christopher Cross are all blasts from the past whose songs I love to sing…

I am mainly advertised as easy listening, and I think that sums up my set well…as long as people like it, I will continue to sing it…

Col Coleman

Col Coleman

We all at sometime in our life  have perhaps wanted to perform in front of a crowd of people, many don’t get the chance, but I am one of the lucky ones who have had the chance to perform around the globe entertaining people.

Nothing can describe the feeling of standing in front of a large crowd and doing your best to entertain. I make it hard on myself by not preparing a play list before the gig. I judge what will go down best when I arrive .

Hats off to all my fellow performers who go out of their way to give you the best night’s entertainment they can at every gig. Lots of preparation work goes in beforehand that most people do not realise.

We just love to please so do come and listen and you may get a few pleasant surprises.

Jamie Vincent

Jamie Vincent

I have always loved entertaining people with my music, whether it be in talent shows when I was younger, or right up to the present day playing at wedding receptions.

It is always good to see people singing or dancing and to see them enjoying themselves. Music is a universal medium which brings people together from all nations and I am proud to play at one hotel where the guests are from all over Europe and beyond and as soon as I start playing a Country song they are all up dancing.

I am living the dream!


Next week we will be looking at the thoughts of the ASAP Stars on the subject of Fans.

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