August 11, 2022

The Main Event with Denise Phillips


Colin Browne

of The Kentones Chorus


By Denise Phillips……

My visitor this week to The Main Event studio is Colin Browne who hails originally from Bromley in Kent and has been a regular visitor for the past few years to North Cyprus where he has a home.

Colin has a fantastic hobby and interest since taking a singing course with The Kentones Chorus and now is a very active member and just loves Denise Phillips and Colin Browneto sing. The Kentones was originally known as Bromley Barbershop Harmony Club which was formed in 1975 by Ron Mesure, when he was bitten by the barbershop singing bug after watching a television documentary of an American Barbershop Convention. Ron decided this was for him, so he set about gathering a few friends, and with the help of some existing barbershop singers from Brighton and Crawley clubs, the Bromley club was founded. The first meeting was held in a room over the Star and Garter public house on Friday 26th September of that year. Barbershop singing had arrived in Bromley!

Ron was eventually honoured by being made Life President of the club. He died a few years ago, but the club he founded continues to go from strength to strength. The members of the chorus, particularly those who remember Ron, will be forever indebted to his memory for what he did. The current membership of The Kentones is 62, making us one of the largest choruses in the country. Friday 26th September 2010 was a special day in the history of the Kentones, not only was it the club’s 35th Anniversary but it also saw the Chorus gather at Proper Records’ recording facility in Sydenham to record their first CD.

The Kentones
The Kentones Chorus

Apart from participating in many music festivals every year the Kentones nominate a Charity to support. The Chorus has raised many thousands of pounds over the years for charities such as Demelza, and MacMillan Nurses. For 2010/2011 our nominated charity was the Marjorie McClure Specialist School in Chislehurst, Kent. The school caters for pupils from the age of 4 to 19 years. The main criterion for admission is that the pupil has a physical and/or medical condition. Some pupils may have other, additional difficulties such as learning, communication or sensory problems. As with any school there are always extra costs so any financial support from the chorus is greatly appreciated.

Perhaps one day we may see the guys come to North Cyprus on behalf of a local charity and entertain us in their very unique style.

Do join Colin and I on the Main Event this week on Saturday 15th August at 15.00pm when you can hear some of Colin’s favourite songs including those of the Barbershop  and you can reach this show wherever you are online by following the links below.

For those readers who would like to learn more of the Kentones you can visit their website click here and Facebook page click here   Please also have a look at the video below from their website which gives a fantastic historical view of Barbershop chorus and its development.

This show will also be repeated on Sunday 16th August at 11.00am to 12.00 noon.

Happy listening and do have a great week

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