December 11, 2023

Christine arrives at

All Star Agency Promotions


By Chris Elliott…….

Writing for we sometimes have the opportunity of meeting people and getting to know them and one such person is Christine Sayman who we met at the Almond Holiday Village 10 weeks ago when she came over from Turkey to make a showcase appearance for the All Stars Agency Promotions which you can read about by clicking here.

This weeks saw the arrival of Christine and her husband Sinan and daughters Aria aged 14 and Dilan aged 9 years in Northern Cyprus to make a new life for themselves.

Sinan and Christine
Sinan and Christine are delighted to have arrived

Christine was pleased to take a rest after a hectic time arranging for her family to move from Turkey to the TRNC and launches her first appearances next week at The Hut Lapta on Wednesday 1st July at 8.00pm and then at the Pia Bella Hotel on Friday 3rd July at 9.00pm. She said, “Its been hard work preparing for this move to Northern Cyprus but I have a good schedule of appearances booked already which will be scheduled in the ASAP Weekly Events Calendar which you guys at cyprusscene kindly publish.

Now we are here there is a lot to do to make my family comfortable and settled and the priority is to arrange for my girls to go to a local school as they speak both Turkish and English. Aria my eldest daughter takes after me and loves to sing and write her own songs and she is also good at art so we want to encourage her to develop these skills.”

Christine’s husband Sinan is Turkish although he lived in New York in the USA from the age of 11 to 19 years of age before returning to Turkey where he lived and worked. He said, “I am delighted to be here and once the girls and Christine have settled I can then concentrate on taking up employment and I am sure my background in Tourism and also as a Club DJ should enable me to find suitable employment and then we can really make a great life for ourselves like many others that choose to move here.”

So there we have it, we now have another first class performer who has moved here and registered for employment and she will be bringing her very special blend of entertainment to the popular veneus in the TRNC. For those who have not had the opportunity of experiencing Christine’s excellent style of entertainment we are showing below the video we produced following her showcase presentation at the Almond Holiday Village.



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