All Stars Agency Promotions, Cyprus, Events Calendar – 20th June 2015

All Stars Agency Promotions, Cyprus

Events Calendar 20th June 2015


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For those entertainers who would like to join ASAP, please contact me, Ken Hibbitt on 0533 880 7476 or by email on info@allstarscyprus.com and our website is currently being updated and we will confirm the web address and new detail very soon via cyprusscene.com


Date Performer and Location Time
Sat.20th.June Col Coleman live at the LA Hotel. Lapta. Tel.0392 821 8981 7pm
Rachel sings live at Efendi, Girne. Tel.0392 815 1149 8pm
Pete Murray, live at Cousins, Edremit. Tel.0542 855 1810 8.30pm
Jamie Vincent, live at Joya Aphrodite Beach Bar, Gaziverin. Tel.0548 881 5111 8pm
Andrew Sings live at The Ship Inn, Karaoglanoglu. Tel.0392 815 6701 8.30pm
Sun.21st.June Andrew Sings, Live at Hotel Pia Bella, Girne. Tel.0392 650 5000 9pm
Pete Murray live at J.K’s Bar. Lapta. Tel.0533 835 6114 4pm
Mon.22nd.June Pete Murray, karaoke at Olive Bar, Alsancak. Tel.0533 831 0870 8.30pm
Andrew Singa, live at the Malpas Hotel, Catalkoy. Tel.0392 650 3000 9pm
Tues.23rd.June Jamie Vincent, guitar club at Melly’s Bar, Altinkaya, Bellapais Road, Girne.Tel.0533 822 5793 or Facebook Jamie (the Man in Black) 2pm
Col Coleman live at the LA Hotel. Lapta. Tel.0392 821 8981 7pm
Wed.24th.June Andrew Sings, live at Rafters Restaurant, Ozankoy. Tel.0392 815 2946 8pm
Pete Murray, sings live at Blue Song Restaurant/Bar, Lapta. Tel.0533 845 9991 8.30pm
Jamie Vincent, live at J.K’s Sports Bar, Lapta. Tel.0533 835 6114 8pm
Thurs.25th.June Jamie Vincent, guitar club at The Lodge, Catalkoy.Tel.0533 822 5793 or Facebook Jamie (the Man in Black) 10am
Andrew Sings, Ratpack & Friends live at The Malpas Hotel, Catalkoy.Tel.0392 650 3000 9pm
Pete Murray, Karaoke at Window Cafe Bar. Girne 8.30pm
Col Coleman, Live guitar/vocals + karaoke mix at the new Nostalgie Restaurant, Ozankoy. Tel.05333 823 4958 8.30pm
Jamie Vincent, live at Whiskey Joe’s, Girne. Tel.0533 858 3183 9pm
Friday 26th.June Pete Murray, live FM show at Olive Bar, Alsancak. Tel.0533 831 0870 6pm
Andrew Sings, live at Almond Village, Alsancak. Tel.0392 821 2885 8pm
Rachel sings live at No.14, Girne. Tel.0533 840 5326 8pm
Jamie Vincent, live at Lapta Holiday Club. Tel.0542 863 0045 9pm
Dawn sings live at the new venue, Nostalgie Restaurant, Ozankoy.Tel.0533 823 4958 8.30pm

All Star Agency Promotions wish it to be known that Barry Snakes and Gavin Simmons no longer work for the agency!

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  1. Do you, Chris Elliot, and Margaret Sheard, have a work permit to produce this website and work in the TRNC please answer this with proof if you have which I doubt !

    • Hello Barry Snakes so you are back again trying to debase both cyprusscene and two frail elderly pensioners who are doing their very best to promote all that is good about North Cyprus and the people in it. SHAME on you!

      You seem to think that everybody is money mad, so are you?

      You commented in a similar mischievous vein on our article Cyprusscene.com, Is it a forum? No way! and you clearly did not wish to read what we said “we are all hobbyist writers and contributors“ on cyprusscene..

      If you have a chip on your shoulder don’t bother to bring it to our pagers as our friend Dusty Bin awaits any more silly comments which we class as harassment.

      Lighten up mate before you really lose the plot on the road to self destruction!

      Waste bin

  2. How pathetic and childish to make a comment with an explanation mark about Gavin Simons and Barry Snakes no longer working for ASAP when in fact both of them still have their work permits with ASAP and told to keep them until it expires. Why don’t you check this out before publishing such crap.

  3. Cyprusscene were instructed to include the statement regarding Barry Snakes and Gavin Simons no longer working with the Agency when publishing the ASAP weekly events calendar, as they no longer hold work permits with the Agency, so the statement was valid.