June 27, 2022

Col Coleman of All Stars

Agency Promotions

at the Yerfıstığı Cafe/Pub

Reymel Boutique Hotel

By Margaret Sheard….

We joined Ken Hibbitt of ASAP and his partner Pat, and also Col Coleman at Yerfıstığı Cafe/Pub which is part of the newly refurbished Reymel Boutique Hotel, situated just behind the harbour in one of the lovely little streets (junction of Bozoklar Sokak and Lodos Sokak) near Reymel Hotel and Yerfistigi Cafe-Barthe old church ruins, of this old part of Girne.   The Yerfıstığı (which translates as Peanuts) cafe/pub is located within the hotel in an inner courtyard and what a lovely setting it is, set under the stars.

We are pleased to hear that Col Coleman will be performing at this new venue very shortly and you will be treated to his wide range of songs and music and maybe even some karaoke.  We will keep you informed of the exact dates in our weekly Events Calendar.

We were pleased to have an opportunity of talking with Deborah Vineall who came to North Cyprus a year ago and is helping the hotel owner Nesrettin at the hotel, which has been refurbished to a high standard, and also she will be running the new cafe/bar which she is very excited about.Col Coleman and Deborah Vineall

We also chatted with Col and he told us he has been living in North Cyprus for getting on for 2 years with his Egyptian wife and lovely daughter who is 2½ years old and very bright.  She is obviously the apple of her father’s eye.

Originally from England, Col Coleman is a lively character with a great sense of humour and he loves music and entertaining.  Although of English origin, Col spent most of his life in Egypt before making the move to North Cyprus in November 2013. Whilst in Egypt, Col was lucky enough to perform with a variety of musicians and known acts, primarily the bands ‘The Usual Suspects’ and ‘Old Heads Young Shoulders’ in addition to being a member of the first band ever Deborah Vineall and Col Colemanallowed to play at the Luxor Temple with guest vocalist Michelle Rounds. Playing in bands in Egypt as guitarist and vocalist, Col could be found three times a week in popular JJ’s Bar and made such an impression he is featured in travel reviews. Now in North Cyprus, Col has set up as a solo artist and is able to play ‘everything’ to suit the audience. Col’s primary love is Blues and Rock although he will incorporate everything from Jazz, Country and Rock and the occasional ballad as well as his own guitar instrumentals to give variety to the performance. If it’s a wide mix of music you’re looking for, why not give Col a try?


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