December 12, 2023

TRNC News Today 17th April 2015

Tension between Anastasiades and the Attorney General

It was stated that the relation between Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades and Attorney General Kostas Kliridis has become tense after the accusation of Assistant Attorney General Rikkos Erotokritu on the issue of bribery and illegality.

Greek Cypriot daily Politis and other newspapers gave wide publicity about the issue. Politis noted that the statement of Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades regarding the assignment of new investigating officers caused great reaction by Attorney General Kostas Kliridis and that’s why Anastasiades gave up his decision.

Öneri: “Supreme Election Committee has completed preparations”

Supreme Election Committee has completed its preparations for the presidential election which is going to be held on Sunday, 19th of April.

There are seven presidential candidates who will be competing for the votes of 176.916 voters.

Voting and TRNC flag 300According to the information issued by the Supreme Election Committee, 693 ballot boxes will be established. The voting will take place between 8am and 6pm on Sunday.  During those hours the ban for selling alcoholic drinks will be in effect. Carrying guns on the day of election is also forbidden.

The propaganda period which started on 24th of March will end on 18th of April at 6 pm.

The President of Supreme Election Committee Şafak Öneri stated that  the total number of voters has been determined as 176.916.

Gül: “Cyprus is a very important issue for Turkey”

In his speech during the closing session of Financial Times Turkey summit, Turkey’s 11th   President – Abdullah Gül President Abdullah Gül sml - Wikipedia picturementioned the Cyprus problem and said “Cyprus is a very important issue for Turkey”.

Indicating that a solution must be reached in Cyprus, Turkish President Abdullah Gül said that the European Union has great responsibility on the issue. “Stability in the Eastern Mediterranean is inevitable for the solution of problems. A fair solution is inevitable in Cyprus” Gül added.

TRNC Public Information Logo imageSource: TRNC Public Information Office –

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2 thoughts on “TRNC News Today 17th April 2015 – Tension between Anastasiades and the Attorney General

  1. Mr Anastasiades is controlled by his coalition partners that some hate to cooperate with the Turkish side, so much so that they would rather be friends with the rest of the World but not with Turkey despite the fact that it as the most important issue for our friends the Greeks to make friends with us. It’s inescapable for Cyprus and the whole region, they have got to see the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH it is about time

    1. Thank you for your comment John. you and many others know the TRUTH of what happened and it needs to be accepted and move on to a better future.

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