Valentine’s Night at the Almond Holiday Village, Alsancak

Valentine’s Night at

Almond Holiday Village

By Margaret Sheard….

What a breathtaking welcome we had at the Almond Holiday Village when we arrived for the Valentine’s Night celebration.  The entrance to the dining room was decorated and lit with candles and the dining room itself was fantastic with hearts and candles giving a warm red glow which was very romantic.  We could see that a great deal of time and care had been put into everything by the Aşık family.

We were pleased to see Andrew and Glen of Andrew Sings….. who were to entertain us that evening and we settled down to a lovely 4-course meal which we had pre-ordered from the wonderful selection offered.  Andrew started his first half to set the mood with some new songs and the promise of a bit more upbeat music later for dancing when we had finished our meals.  The service was excellent and the food delicious so I am sure everyone was well pleased.

During the evening Andrew called on Wendy and Peter, the Lady and Lad in Red and thanked them for their promotion of the blood donor events in North Cyprus.  Peter presented a red rose to Wendy – very romantic.Peter and Wendy

The evening progressed but unfortunately Andrew and Glen had a problem with their sound equipment which meant they could not complete the second half but they were able to go around the tables and chat with the guests and encourage them to join in with a song or two which was nice anyway and everyone seem to be enjoying themselves.  They were both very sorry they could not continue with the entertainment but it did not seem to spoil everyone’s enjoyment of the evening too much.  Of course we would have preferred to hear Andrew and Glen performing in their usual professional and enjoyable style, but never mind, these things happen and as they say, the show must go on.

At the end of the evening we had the opportunity of chatting with Ali Aşık to learn more of the Almond Holiday Village.  He and his wife Dervişe, son Ahmet, and daughters Gűlten, Ayşe and Afet, have been running the complex for 16 years and we know how successful and popular it is with the awards which have been received.

15th in the world – Bargain Hotel

8th in Europe – Bargain Hotel

1st in Cyprus – Best service hotel

1st in Cyprus – Bargain Hotel

4th in Cyprus – Romantic hotel

It was a wonderful evening and at the end Andrew gave a little speech thanking the family for making it so enjoyable for everyone and congratulating them on their much deserved awards.

Award photo

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  1. What a fantastic write up Chris and Margaret the Almond Holiday Village will be thrilled with your expertise and creativity. Wendy and I are proud to be so strongly associated with cyprusscene.com that goes from strength to strength. Margaret said next year you will need a more suitable Valentine card though..

    • Thanks for your kind words. On cyprusscene.com we believe that if it’s worth doing, then its worth doing well and thats what we try to do.

      Yes noted I need to do better with the Valentines card next year. 🙂 🙂