Carob Restaurant, Girne – Prize meal

Prize meal at The Carob Restaurant, Girne

By Margaret Sheard….

While visiting the NCCCT Christmas Bazaar in December, I was lucky enough to win a raffle prize of a meal for two at The Carob Carob RestaurantRestaurant in Girne Harbour.  With Christmas approaching there was not time to take up this lovely prize but in the middle of January there was not a lot happening so we thought why not enjoy a nice meal, courtesy of NCCCT and The Carob Restaurant.

I had never visited this restaurant previously so my first impression was what a lovely place it is, rather a long climb up to the upper restaurant but well worth it as the dining room was really nice and there were also 2 balcony areas if we had wanted to dine outside.   For summer dining there is also a roof terrace from which I am sure there would be some fabulous views, however, this time I did not tackle another staircase to see for myself.View from restaurant

We met Kenan Örgen who has been running the restaurant for the past 3 years with his partner Salih Gűnhan and he made sure we were comfortable and introduced us to our waiter – Adnan Khan who is from Peshawar in Pakistan.   We placed our order for a starter of soup and main course and sat back to look at our surroundings and await our meal.   The restaurant provides authentic Italian cuisine and we had a lovely meal chosen from the very extensive menu.

Adnan KhanAfter we had eaten we wandered around looking at the very interesting layout of that particular floor of the building, which was originally a carob warehouse.  Of course it has been extended and modernised but is very tastefully decorated retaining a lot of features of the original building.

We had a chat with Adnan, who when not working is a student, and he told us his ambition is to have a career in air crash investigation work, he has a passion for aircraft and this is the area he would like to choose as a profession.   We wish him good luck in his chosen career.

We had a lovely meal and think it is only fitting to thank the Carob Restaurant for donating a meal for two for a charity event i.e on this occasion the North Cyprus Cancer Charity Trust.