January 27, 2023

Lady and Lads in Red wish for

Blood Gifts for the New Year

A Gift of Blood is a Gift of Life


By Chris Elliott

Many people will remember the Ladies in Red who did so much to promote the need to donate blood here in Northern Cyprus and one of these ladies, Wendy Smith has come together with Peter Toms and some other lads who have joined forces to again encourage people to give a gift of blood to save a life.

With Christmas fast approaching the Lady and Lads in Red will start the New Year by using their promotional skills to promote the need for ongoing supplies of blood to be made to the Lefkosa National Blood bank on a continual basis.

To achieve this they have sought sponsorship from Magic Touch and banks to cover the cost of promotional material and have many other organisations including Cafe George in Kyrenia wanting to help and cyprusscene.com are delighted to have been asked to help them with promoting their news to a worldwide readership and to this end we will be building and managing a website and Facebook Page “Lady and Lads in Red” which will be launched very soon, so do watch this space..

They are planning a number of promotional events and presentations to promote their plans and will be receiving very generous help with musical support from Andrew Sings…. and they will have photo shoot at the Fez, Çatalköy on Christmas Day at 1.30pm when they will be starting their activities.

The Lady and Lads in Red are also delighted that they will be able to liaise with the committee members of the British Residents’ Society so that they can help promote the need for blood donations and also BRS blood donor events so that the maximum gifts of blood can be made through the BRS team run by Prue Lundie in conjunction with the Local Hospital Staff..

They will also be helping the people including Steve Collard who formed the Save a Life Campaign which is the Emergency Blood Donors Database which is used to register donors and new donors so they can be sent urgent appeals on 0542 880 0112 when the Lefkosa Blood Bank asks for urgent supplies of a specific blood group.

Their long term plan is to have a grand Lady and Lads in Red Ball at the end of 2015 when they also hope to be able to tell everybody how their promotional activities have progressed in their quest to see a mobile Blood donation vehicle being obtained which can then go to areas and communities that have not been visited before.

Please continue to follow our pages when we will tell you more of the Lady and Lads in Red and their task is to see many more Gifts of Blood That Can Save a Life.



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