February 7, 2023

Near East Bank Christmas Soiree

By Margaret Sheard….

The Christmas festivities are getting under way in North Cyprus with so much going on.  Near East Bank, of which both Chris and I are Enjoying the Soireecustomers, have been having an annual Christmas Soiree at the Karaoğlanoğlu Branch since it opened and this is such a nice friendly occasion when customers have an opportunity to talk informally with staff members and some of the management from other NEB Branches.

While talking to another customer, he mentioned that this kind of gathering would not happen in the UK and how right NEB Christmas Soireehe is, so we feel that here in North Cyprus we have a very good system of friendly banks who like to show that they care about their customers and this annual event is just one instance of this.

There was staff from many of the other branches, all so friendly and welcoming, including James Swanson, the NEB Product Development and Marketing Manager, who used to be a near James Swanson talks to the guestsneighbour of ours and of course it was nice to catch up with Naci Karanlık, the Manager at the Karaoğlanoğlu Branch.

During the Soiree everyone was amused when James, being a rather tall man, hoisted himself onto the high counter so that he could give a short speech, in which he said how the bank values its customers and in return the bank takes good care of the investments made.

It was a delightful couple of hours, with a lovely assortment of nibbles and drinks to savour while chatting to other customers who had attended, as well as the staff members.

Some of NEB staff and Management large

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