December 3, 2022

From Bellapais to Hants for Lucy

the KAR dog


By Kim Betts
Kyrenia Animal Rescue

Lucy was a KAR tag dog who had been living in Bellapais for quite a while. Some of the Bellapais residents had taken a shine to Lucy and had kindly decided to help get her ready for travelling to the UK – just in case a new “forever” home could be found there for her. Well Lucy was certainly lucky – Catherine and her family fell for Lucy’s charms and Catherine knew all about the process of taking dogs to the UK as other members of her family had recently homed 2 other street dogs from TRNC to UK. Because Catherine doesn’t live here it was arranged that Lucy would go into boarding whilst she waited for her time to come to go to the UK.

During a recent visit to TRNC Catherine visited Lucy in kennels and they renewed old bonds. She also visited Kim at the KAR office and expressed some of her worries – would Lucy here we go smlLucy be OK on the flight/would she settle in a home environment/would she like life in the Hants countryside? Kim reassured that she would settle – if given the choice Lucy would have chosen to live with a family of her very own. She didn’t choose to be a stray – none of them do.

Tuesday 23rd September 2014 was D Day for Lucy – Departure Day – her final checks were completed by KAR and she was taken to Ercan for her final checks and customs clearance ready for take off.

On Weds Sept 24th  Lucy arrived at Heathrow. She was taken straight to the Heathrow Animal Reception centre  for Non EU 3rd Country processing prior to release (without the need for quarantine).

Catherine has contacted KAR and has a few words she wants to share ……

“Lucy was delayed in Istanbul and flew in on the later flight arriving at 1515 – Kim thank you for your reassurance and updates.

I was at Heathrow at 6.30 in nervous anticipation, finally at 8.15 I signed her papers and there she was.  Very trembly and worried but she walked out. She had been fed and watered at 5, done her bits and had a leg stretch.  I got a lukewarm reception but wasn’t expecting any more!

Lucy relaxing in her new homeThe nice people dissembled her crate and popped it in boot with Lucy sitting high up in it looking out.  She was very quiet on the journey home and I managed to keep a monologue up for an hour whilst trying to reassure her!

She had a lovely supper, a roll in the wet grass and a huge welcome for Mummy and John – she totally remembered them.

We have had a quiet night.  I left the kitchen door into the garden open so that she didn’t feel trapped, but not a squeak from her.

Up bright and early to beat the other dogs into the fields.  She has had a run, a poo, several widdles, a bark at the horses and a lovely roll in fox poo !  All this excitement followed by an enormous breakfast, gone in a gobble – I think we are going to be fine.  All that worry for nothing.

She is sitting behind me in her red bed as I sit at the kitchen table, seemingly very relaxed.

The cat, Jelly, however, is livid and has spent a lot of time behind the baby gate hissing at her!  I figure that when Jelly is hungry enough she’ll venture into the kitchen.  I have a quiet day planned at my desk and Lucy will be able to wander in the garden and throughout the house getting her bearings.

I cannot thank you all for your help, both financial and emotional in getting Lucy here and I promise to keep her safe and give her the life she deserves here in England.

I will continue to keep you posted of her antics, of which I am sure there will be many.”

The Lady Luck was certainly looking down on Lucy when she sent Catherine to her. For Lucy it really is a case of

“ Giving a rescue dog or cat a home will not change the world but it will change the world for that animal “

If you think that you can offer one of the KAR cats or dogs a “forever” home (in the TRNC or elsewhere). Please contact KAR on 0533 8694098 or email

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