December 2, 2022

Dog Shot in Arapkoy


By Mary Day

The dog was black with white paws similar to this one
The dog was black with white paws similar to this one

On Friday July 25th a friend was in his garden in Arapkoy at approximately 8:30am when he heard a loud bang he told me that he recognised it to be  that of a shotgun as he had heard it before during the hunting season, it was so loud that he immediately threw himself to the ground it was only on hearing the sound of a dog yelping then a car door closing and a car speeding off that he ventured outside his gate to find that a dog had been shot by the gate post of his house.

The dog had been shot in its side and had just taken a few steps only to then finally fall down by the gate and was obviously dead.

The gentleman said,” I could see the large hole that the gun had made and the blood all over my gate and the post”.

The dog was black with white markings on its paws and on speaking with other residents it appears that the dog had been wandering in and around the village for a few weeks.

The police were called and are investigating the incident and they have also expressed their concerns over someone carrying a firearm in a vehicle and that  firearm having been discharged in a residential area.

This is the second incident involving the killing of a dog in Arapkoy within the past four weeks as a dog was discovered having been poisoned and dumped only a few feet away from where the shooting took place.

The dog was removed and police will carry out further investigations.


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