February 5, 2023

Sunday Lunch at Sheraz

Restaurant, Çatalköy

By Margaret Sheard

Having not been out for Sunday Lunch for some time, this week we decided to visit one of our favourite restaurants, Sheraz in Çatalköy, to Sheraz Restaurantenjoy their excellent roast dinner.  Dining on their terrace is always a pleasure with a lovely view of the sea and tranquil surroundings, friendly staff and good food.

The outside dining area has an abundance of plants to give some colour and most of the area is in shade at that time of day so very pleasant with a breeze from the sea.  Down below the terrace is a large garden area with apple, orange and lemon trees and, with the weather getting hotter there are now the remains of the many items which arGardene grown for the restaurant.  Rustam told us that they grow peppers, tomatoes, onions, okra, kerala (a strange looking item which is used in curries), courgettes and pumpkins and other seasonal vegetables through the cooler months.

Sheraz offer an entertainment evening when they have Şenol performing and Rustam is hoping to have a further evening of entertainment and dancing in the near future.

After lunch we drove up to Arapköy and as is always the case we Lunchbumped into some Russian friends  and later sitting in a cafe having a cool drink another couple we know wandered by, all of us a good distance from home.  It is such a small community here and I always say it doesn’t matter where you go in North Cyprus, you will always see at least one familiar face.  This is one of the nice things about living here.

Eventually arriving home, what better than to have a little snooze before going back to the computer to work on more stories for our readers’ pleasure.



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