December 8, 2023

Arabahmet Culture Centre


By Gautalk

“The Project of Restoration of the Arabahmet Cultural Centre and presenting it to the services of the Turkish Cypriot People has commenced under GAU“

GAU is an Institution that transcends the borders of the TRNC, competes with the world universities in all areas and has achieved significant accomplishments.

GAU which provides all kinds of services to the TRNC and the Turkish GAU logo smlCypriot people, was joined to Singapore, UK, USA and most recently to Hong Kong by transcending the borders of the country and added new countries to this network of service with each passing day, nevertheless GAU has never compromised on the goal of gradual improvement of the quality of service and its vision.

As a result of this service vision, GAU has not only become a global brand, but also its mission to serve its country and people has increased with each passing day.

With this vision, the Project of restoring the Arabahmet Cultural Centre and presenting it to the services of the 3Turkish Cypriot People commenced recently.

The GAU family, which had not been informed previously, were only aware of the demand to dismiss the Arabahmet Cultural Centre from the GAU via a press release and the protest conducted in front of LTB (Lefkoşa Turkish Municipality) by a non-governmental organization and a Political Party in recent days.

It should be noted that with every action of GAU, the interests of the Turkish Cypriot people is pursued, and all our services are delivered to the highest level throughout the world. GAU who reached success and is appreciated among the global countries also conducts a mission to provide this same service to its own country and the people through its institutional identity.

We wish to announce that we do not consider participating in political debate as ethical in our institutions, and have no intention of being part of any polemics. Also, we would like to underline that we have assessed the discourse of GAU being a university outside the region as quite ironic.

The GAU family has captured the quality; set itself a target to serve, always kept its people and country in the forefront, and has never been a part of any political debate.

GAU, who gives importance to art and the culture and never gives up the policy of supporting its people in this area, will continue to pursue this resolute attitude and will never compromise on the principle of contributing to the activities for its people and the country.


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