December 10, 2022

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By Andrew Tait

A very warm welcome to 2014 from Andrew sings…..

Andrew and Glen hope all readers have a very happy and healthy year ahead.

It is with both excitement AND trepidation we are looking forward to this year.  After a very strange 2013, where our summer season fizzled into nothing due to the issues we faced trying to obtain work permits in Turkey, we have at last a ‘full’ season of gigs ahead of us for 2014. The diary is currently showing over 200 gigs booked for the period between now and the end of October, and whilst we know that some of them might not quite materialise the way they have been planned, it looks like it is going to be one hell of a summer !!

The people and businesses of North Cyprus have welcomed us with open arms, and we are already making many new friends Andrew Singsin this beautiful country.  We have performed 30 gigs already in the 4 months we have been here, and they have been to very receptive and appreciative audiences. The people are so friendly, including the local Cypriots, the ex-pats and the other ‘yabanci’ communities including the Turkish nationals. Doing our day-to-day business is so much easier here than in Turkey, and the supermarkets are full of comfortingly recognisable ‘British’ goodies :D   Additionally, there are proper ‘international’ restaurants for us to enjoy as well as Turkish and British fare to choose from.

So we are settling in well and so looking forward to a busy season, knowing that life generally is easier and more relaxed here than our experiences in Turkey.  But there is no room for complacency, as we know that audiences here, just as in Turkey, will still want variety and freshness.  Therefore during our quieter months of January and February we will be busy learning more songs to add to our ever growing repertoire of over 300 songs.  And from March onwards we will be out there in various venues chanting our songs for those who want to be entertained whilst dining and who want to dance their socks off afterwards.

Our venues this year will include the following:

SundaysBig Al’s in Iskele – a fabulous beachside restaurant with a grill menu and traditional British grub like fish and chips, and pie and mash.
MondaysLe Jardin in Catalkoy – traditional Indian cuisine as well as European dishes to be enjoyed in a lovely garden courtyard setting.
TuesdaysCousins Restaurant in Edremit – a beautiful hillside setting and delightful poolside dining.

Wednesdays (twice a month) – Rafters in Ozankoy – a quaint little courtyard garden gives this Indian and European restaurant a special feel.
Wednesdays (monthly) – The Hut in Lapta – a stunningly positioned bar/restaurant overlooking the sea, and with a very popular menu of home-made dishes such as quiche, pies, ploughman’s etc.
Wednesdays (monthly) – Nosheens Restaurant in Alsancak – a very popular Indian restaurant with an outdoor stage area for our performances.
Thursdays (twice a month) – The Almond Holiday Village in Alsancak – one of North Cyprus’ premier holiday villages and a stunning poolside setting and delicious meals.
Thursdays (twice a month) – Tolga’s in Karsiyaka – a large outdoor garden area with vines and stone patios, a great setting for dining and dancing.
FridaysThe Punjab in Lapta – an extremely popular venue owned by the Jashan group, serving delicious Indian and European food.
Saturdays (twice a month) – Jashan’s in Karaoglanoglu – another popular restaurant owned by the Jashan group, and providing a similar menu to The Punjab.  Food is served in a delightful courtyard in front of the restaurant
Saturdays (monthly) – The O’Live Bar in Alsancak – a very popular bar only in Alsancak which is a favourite watering hole and entertainment venue for ex-pats and tourists alike.
So as you can see it is going to be a busy year ahead.  Please do try to come along to one or more of our performances and we promise you we will do everything we possibly can to make your night out an enjoyable and memorable one.

And don’t forget, if you have any special requests for songs, or if you are planning on visiting one of these venues to share a special occasion with us then just drop us a note and let us know.  We are always happy to help out where we can.  You can connect with us on our Andrew sings….. Facebook page click here, or via our Andrew sings….. blog click  here.

Have a great 2014 wherever you are and whatever path you tread.  Hopefully our paths will cross at some point during the year and friendships will result !

Best regards to you all.  Andrew and Glen

ps: For those local readers who have not seen us perform before, please have a look at the video below when we went to Rafters in Ozankoy on New Years Eve 2013.

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