August 9, 2022

“Lost” – a poem by Yusuf Salih

By Margaret Sheard

From time to time we are asked to publish items submitted by our readers and followers and we have received something very different in the form of a poem which has been written by a Turkish Cypriot who lives in the Iskele area of Northern Cyprus.

LostYusuf Salih

Solve me do you dare

an abyss of turmoil, do I scare?

Come feel, if you see

with eyes and heart, if thine be.

Survive I do

with hope of life looking, looking but for who.

Need dissolves

years and tears flows.

Surrounded, alone, wandering soul

find me, stay my fall.

Please also read a further poem “Our Place” by Yusuf by clicking here.

To learn more of Yusuf Salih and his thoughts and those of others, please visit the open group, Free Thinkers in Cyprus on Facebook.


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