December 6, 2022

Garden Party at Tolga’s



By Margaret Sheard

There is so much going on in North Cyprus at the moment which makes it very difficult to attend all of the many events being held and Christine Ford (left) and Maria Chappellunfortunately we were not able to attend the Garden Party held at Tolga’s Restaurant on Thursday 24th October.    This was arranged by Christine Ford and Maria Vic to raise funds for the Cancer Research Association (KAV) and was the first time they had attempted to do anything like this.

From what we have been told, the event was a huge success and Christine and Maria should be proud that all of their hard work has had such a marvellous result. 

We recently met Andrew Tait and Glen King, the duo who make up Andrew sings….. and they had kindly given Andrew Sings Facebook Header 1their time for free to entertain the guests at the Garden Party.  The duo are new to North Cyprus and it is nice to see that they are already supporting charities here to give something back to their chosen new homeland.    This is what they have reported on their Facebook page:-

Andrew sings….. Facebook

2,244.85 TL and 5 euros was raised at the cancer research charity event that ‘Andrew sings…..’ supported on Thursday. Well done to everyone involved and thanks to all those that contributed to achieving such a fab result.”

Maria Vic has also reported that she and Christine were delighted Lovely items for salethat the event was so successful.  I  noted that the weather was kind to them so they were able to hold the Garden Party outside as planned.  This is what Maria has said on her Facebook page:-

“Maria Vic – Facebook

Christine Ford & I read in ” The Cyprus Today Newspaper ” yesterday that we raised over 2500tl. We would like to THANK all our FRIENDS who helped with making cakes, pixie bags, donating books, plants etc, bringing your stalls, helping on our stalls, donation to the raffle, tombola, digging deep into your pockets and ” spending ” singing, dancing and participating and enjoying the whole day with us, your support was FANTASTIC. You did us proud and we truly did work hard ”’All of us’, ‘Thank you all’.”

Maria has also made a further comment on Facebook praising the efforts of the Tulips supporters:-

Maria Vic –  I think it’s amazing that this event raised as much as Tulips because they have a big following & huge support, this was our first event to help raise more awareness about KAV and the work they do. Well done Tulips for all your hard work also. What a great Pink turnout in North Cyprus for the 24thOne of the stallholders. Wonderful to see.”

Maybe, now that Maria and Christine have realised their capabilities in the fundraising field, they will be organising many more events of this nature and we can look forward to the KAV charity benefitting from their efforts.

This is but one of the many events which are held to raise money for cancer charities and, no matter which one, the supporters and helpers are doing a great job of raising funds to help in the areas of:-

To help cancer sufferers;
To supply medical equipment;

and much more, all of the things needed  to help in the fight against cancer.  

We must all thank these dedicated people who give their time voluntarily to make a contribution to this cause.   We understand that the TRNC has the 5th highest cancer rate per head of population in the world and there are 15 new cases of cancer sufferers diagnosed every week in the TRNC.    We need these dedicated people to continue their tireless efforts in the battle against cancer.




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