December 6, 2022

Friday 25th October is Pink Day

 Breast Cancer Awareness image

By Margaret Sheard

As many will know, October has been Breast Cancer Awareness Month and there have been many events all around North Cyprus during the month to raise funds for Near East Bankthe charities who do so much.

We have received an update from Carole King and Sue Tilt of Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips) who have been doing so much during the month and they have now confirmed that Near East Bank (all 12 branches) are giving their support to the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and Mr Pound logothey will be “going pink” and collecting money from both the staff and customers.

Mr Pound has also guaranteed support in their Girne, Lefkosa and Gonyeli branches where they will be dressing in pink.   They have said they have seen a run on purchases for “things pink” but hopefully there will be some items left for them to support the campaign.

I think I will need to go out and about on Friday (in pink of course) just to see what the Girne area looks like – “in the pink”.

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