December 10, 2023


 and GAU


Bayrak Radio and Television (BRTK) and Girne American University have co-operated on a protocol to develop and enhance relations.

The protocol ceremony held in GAU Cyprus-Girne Campus Chancellor’s Office was attended by the Director of BRTK, Mete Tümerkan, GAU Founding Rector and Chancellor of Board of Administrators – Serhat Akpınar, Person in Charge of BRT 1 – Neşe Ergüçlü, TV News Superior – Selda İçer, GAU CEO and Vice-Chancellors of the Board of Administrators – Olgun Üstün and Cemile Esenyel and GAU Media Co-ordinator – Derviş Refiker.

GAU FouGAU logo smlnding Rector and Chancellor of Board of Administrators – Serhat Akpınar, expressed thBRT logoe appreciation of hosting and co-operating with a protocol with the Director of BRTK, Mete Tümerkan, and the Authorities.

Akpınar emphasized the importance of BRT radio and television on enhancing the lifestyle of the Turkish Cypriots in the field of communication and also congratulated BRTK for reaching further success in the TRNC since its early days of establishment.

Akpınar confirmed his appreciation for signing a protocol which had moulded the Turkish Cypriot past and the future. Akpınar further stated that; “We are indeed very happy that you will lead the way for our Faculty of Communication and to many projects to be undertaken for the future. During this phase we, as a University, will sincerely provide any source of opportunity for this purpose”.

The Director of BRTK, Mete Tümerkan, emphasizing the responsibilities of BRTK since its establishment also reported that they have an additional responsibility of reinforcing reform. Tümerkan emphasised that they are proceeding with improving attitudes in mind.

In this respect, Tümerkan reporting that they are aware of the significance of undertaking intimate affairs and co-operation with the universities as the leaders of development and progress and in this sense Tümerkan emphasized the importance of the co-operation protocol signed with GAU.

Tümerkan stated that “we will also make use of the GAU studios thus providing benefit for both sides also allowing the university to develop the education quality through a different dimension” Tümerkan also wished the best for both of the co-operating institutions.

Serhat Akpinar (left) and Mete Tümerkan

Following the speeches, the Director of BRTK Mete Tümerkan and GAU Founding Rector and Chancellor of Board of Administrators, Serhat Akpınar, signed the co-operation protocol.

The protocol which upholds a 5 year period includes BRTK to provide internship and research opportunities for GAU students, regulating and providing mutual in-service courses in line with broadcasting and technical personnel, GAU to provide space for the BRT Girne Office, GAU to provide live broadcast vehicles for the use of BRT, producing common programs amongst both institutions and establishing a common production commission, sharing of news texts of BRT News Centre with GAU, mutual ease of use to media tools and technical equipment, co-operating for organizing scientific and communal orientated meetings, encouraging GAU personnel to contribute BRT programs in accordance with their field of profession and developing social relations.

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