January 31, 2023

Cyprusscene, goes from strength to


By Chris Elliott

It was at the end of July 2012 that I sat down and looked back at the time I spent writing and contributing for two newspapers in North Cyprus. It was a learning curve to find out why I wanted to do it and what I wanted to write about.

Also writing in newspapers was a real challenge and needed a great deal of attention to detail if a good article was to be written and the desired result was to be achieved.

Cyprusscene go to Erenkoy sml
Cyprusscene go to Erenkoy on a very special mission

The fact is I care for the people around me and want to help them if I can. Here in North Cyprus there is a large number of expatriates of different nationalities that have chosen to live here, and then feel they want to help the country by using their past skills to lend support in various ways ranging from volunteering to help and work alongside the emergency services or simply support charitable projects or become involved trying to support the needs of others in whatever way they can.

This was where I started and I soon realised that these activities and projects needed advanced promotion to help them develop well if they were to be truly successful and just reporting what had happened, whilst important, did not really help a cause.

We are in a very fast moving modern world and whilst we may all enjoy drinking a cup of tea or coffee and reading a newspaper the fact is all the effort in research and published news and information in newspaper format has a very limited life perhaps a few days after publication before most will have been discarded.

Is it any wonder that many leading newspapers are now going on line where people can read the news as it happens and also search for similar material in what is a very big library on the internet.

So as I sat down and looked at a previous experience that Margaret Sheard, my partner, and I had in writing and contributing articles for publishing on the internet. One thing a writer needs to know is that his work has been well read and then the effort is so worthwhile.

Within perhaps seven day during late July 2012 I had created a website called http://www.cyprusscene.com and Margaret and I then started to publish our articles which are now read all round the world and not just in North Cyprus for one or two days.

Cyprusscene front page sml
Cyprusscene front page

Cyprusscene was set up and has grown to accommodate the wide selection of articles that are now being written about politics, history, local events and the development of projects by individuals or organisations.

This takes a lot of hard work and after we helped the Foreign Residents in the TRNC by creating a similar blog/website, their Secretary Ralph Kratzer, who is an excellent writer, took on the responsibility of maintaining this site and between the three writers we now share all of our articles across both sites.

We then joined forces with North Cyprus Forum to share articles, followed shortly after by Esentepe Community website and now have regular articles shared with the web masters Nigel Watson and Graham Brown. We also receive regular information from Bayrak Radio and Television from Can Gazi and Engin Dervişağa and also from Girne American University about their activities which we share with our community sharing partners for the benefit of you, the worldwide reader!

Each writer has their own style and interest which appeals to cyprusscene readers and we regularly publish articles by Trevor Hughes, John Aziz Kent and London based Ismail Veli and we are always pleased to receive contributions from other good writers who would like to make use of our facility to promote their interest. If you are interested in writing about North Cyprus and related subjects, send us your details.

With all of this quality and quantity of published material we have to be aware that our readers need to be able to find what they want to read quickly, so we have just updated our website to now show on the home page a selection of thumbnail pictures with an introduction to the article published. In the past few days that this new concept has been introduced we have seen readings of our latest articles soar to even higher levels than we received before and to you the readers worldwide, our team of writers would like to express our great delight and thanks to you all.

We have also been developing the use of videos and slideshows with our articles to bring the greatest sense of reality to the readers of our articles.

Don’t forget we look for your comments and likes on our articles as these help us create what you enjoy reading and you are more than welcome to make comments on the articles providing it is helpful and friendly.

BRT TV meet cyprusscene

BRT TV meets cyprusscene

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      Thank you for your comment and in in fact this problem of members being banned goes back a long way and it was not carried out by the admin team and never seemed to have been solved.

      The reason NCF is being re-launched is the the original forum had a number of incompatible components and despite great efforts, the system could not be updated and it had also been compromised at sometime in the past.

      It was therefore decided to rebuild NCF in a new vibrant format with the all important security features that would stop problems that occurred in the past.

      Do keep watching the forum and when it changes in a few days time, do please register to join the new forum.

      Thank you and best wishes.

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