February 4, 2023

Vivenda discovers the Right Plaice

We have received the following article which we are pleased to share with our readers and from personal experience can vouch for the excellent fare at The Ravine.

Vivenda discovers the Right Plaice

Excellent Fish ‘n Chips at Alsancak’s Ravine Bar

“Previously, this column has featured Fish ‘n Chips, reporting on various offerings made by diverse outlets and occasionally questioning the Vivendeauthenticity of the food on the plate; ‘Cod Knows if it’s Genuine’.

Recommendations have been made with regard to the authenticity of the fish and the quality of the well loved traditional British original takeaway meal, especially the Cod & Haddock.

Another favourite, Plaice, is not often seen to be offered in North Cyprus, which is a shame; the particular yet delicate flavour of this flat fish is unmistakeable and it is therefore almost impossible for mongers and fryers to pass off some other species as Plaice.  The shape is also different and easily identifiable; additionally, you can be offered the white skin side, or the black with orangey spots. Of course this won’t apply if you are served skinned filets.

So, as part of our ‘Authentic Fish ‘n Chips’ Campaign, the popular Ravine Bar & Restaurant was recently sampled for the Plaice and was found to be not wanting! This restaurant boasts the Best Fish ‘n Chips in Cyprus, this statement is possibly true!

Excellent deep fried Plaice and Chips with Mushy Peas at Alsancak’s Ravine Bar & Restaurant
Excellent deep fried Plaice and Chips with Mushy Peas at Alsancak’s Ravine Bar & Restaurant

A basket of seeded Bread Rolls with Lurpak Danish Butter (not margarine – yippee) arrived with crisp white Pickled Onions and two large Wallies (sweet pickled gherkins), a great start.

The two plates of Plaice featured good sized un-skinned filets, one black one, one white one, well cooked yet moist and coated in a lovely crispy dry batter.  Excellent chips and a good variety of ketchup and mayonnaise pouches.  Salt and pepper are mandatory as is dark malt vinegar, although a wedge of lemon would have been nice, but on the other hand, when did you last have a slice of lemon offered at your local UK Chippy? The Mushy Peas were a little ‘runny’, but absolutely delicious and authentic.

The Ravine Restaurant has dozens of ‘covers’, so it is probably not necessary to book a table; and the menu is comprehensive, not just fish ‘n chips.  To order a takeaway supper call 0392 821 2566.”

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