December 2, 2022

Television News from BRT

By Can Gazi

BRT are pleased to announce some further changes to their TV programme schedules for BRT 2 TV and A Cup of Conversation and Vox Pop TV shows have been re-scheduled as below with repeat viewings. This weekend we see a change over for Vox Pop with two shows being broadcast and from next weekend one show only will be repeated as scheduled.The Misfits

This Saturday 6th July at 7.00pm on BRT 2 TV you can a watch local band, The Misfits perform live on my show, A Cup Of Conversation.

I will be chatting with Jim Easton from Scot & Turkz Ltd a company that manages talented entertainment acts in North Cyprus. Jeff Spratt, lead singer of the group, also chats with me about the band and their music.

Tune in for a fun show that will also be repeated on Tuesday 9th July at 12.oo noon.

(left) Roger, Engin and Kirsty (right) smlMy colleague Engin Dervişağa will be speaking with Kirsty Rhodes and Roger Aufter on this week’s Vox Pop programme on Sunday 7th July at 10:35am.

Both students are from Exeter university. Kirsty is a postgraduate researcher and her master project title is “senescence and reproductive success in marine turtle populations”.

Kirsty is participating in the Turtle project in Alagadi and you can learn more by visiting the Society for Protection of Turtles web site by clicking SPOT

Engin Dervişağa’s second show, is a fascinating interview with Katerina Shauruk the editor (left) Engin Dervisa and Katrina Shauruk 9right)of the first English -Russian magazine in Cyprus called Cypriada made by Cypro Art and Graph Advertising Organisation in Karakum. and this will be shown on his  Vox Pop programme on Monday 8th July at  12:00pm .

Do tune in to learn more of this magazine and also hear about the Russian community that lives in North Cyprus.

Do join us on BRT 2 TV for more of those those great TV shows you have been asking us for!

To go direct to BRT 2 TV to watch these shows by live streaming on you PC at Cyprus local time click here and if you want to learn more of Bayrak Radio and Television  click here

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