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TRNC News Today 26th June 2013


The President of the Global Taekwondo Federation, Linda Park, was received by the TRNC President, Dr. Derviş Eroğlu, Speaker of TRNC Assembly, Hasan Bozer, and National Education, Youth and Sports Minister, Asım Idris.  The 9th GTF World Taekwondo Championship Tournament 2013 will take place in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

During the meeting, TRNC President Eroğlu thanked Linda Park and the Heads of the Delegations from the entire world that 9th GTF Taekwondo World Championshipshave provided an international sports organization to be held in the TRNC. Emphasizing that a sports embargo is imposed upon the TRNC; Eroğlu stated that hosting the International Taekwondo Tournament in the TRNC is pleasing.

The President of the Global Taekwondo Federation, Linda Park, expressed her pleasure for making a contribution to the development of Taekwondo sports in the country.

Stating that imposing embargoes in the field of sports is wrong, Park said “We know that sport is very important for every country. We hope such embargoes are never imposed”.

Speaker of the TRNC Assembly, Hasan Bozer, made a speech during the meeting and said that political problems should be discussed in the political arena and added that involving politics in sport is wrong. Bozer said “I condemn those who make unpleasant propaganda in the area of sport”.

Stating that they faced various restrictions while Hasan Bozercoming to TRNC, Park expressed that they did not give up their decision and they came here.

On the other hand, National Education, Youth and Sports Minister, Asım Idris, stated that the sportsmen of the country cannot represent their country in the international arena and added that political embargoes should not be imposed upon the field of sports.

Idris stated that the TRNC sportsmen have problems and added that sport is a humane event and requested the neighbouring countries and other countries to assist Turkish Cypriot sportsmen.

Idris stated that the organization to be made by Global Taekwondo Federation in TRNC is an important step and thanked both the Federation and the guests. During her speech, the President of GTF, Linda Park, expressed that GTF is not a political organization and they do not pay attention to the embargoes, and added that they came here to support the TRNC Taekwondo Federation.


The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) asked the Greek Cypriot Administration to present a defense statement regarding Taşkent-Terazi-Tatlısu massacres by 3 July.

According to the statement from the ‘Relatives of Taşkent Missing Persons Committee’ it is a positive development that the ECHR asked the Greek Cypriot Administration to present their defense statement regarding the Taşkent-Terazi-Tatlısu massacres which occurred on 15 August 1974.Gavel hammer

247 martyrs’ relatives carried the case to the ECHR on 2 November 2011 and claimed that the Greek Cypriot Administration violated the 2. Article of the European Human Rights Convention which is the right to live and the 6. Article which is the right to fair trial.

It was underlined in the statement that the letter of ECHR which asked the Greek Cypriot Administration to present a defense statement was sent on 23 May 2013 and pointed out that the blood samples for the process of identifying the missing persons were still kept by the Greek Cypriot Administration and this was a violation of the European Human Rights Convention and also a violation of the European Council’s legal procedures regarding this issue.


Three members of the Committee on Missing Persons (CMP) held a press meeting at Ledra Palace and gave information about the committee’s work.

In her speech Turkish Cypriot member of the committee, Gulden Plumer Kucuk, said that CMP has recorded 983 missing persons since 2006.  338 of them are Greek Cypriots, 71 are Turkish Cypriots and 409 of them were identified and handed over to their families. Kucuk stated that this number equals to Gulden Plumer Kucuk CMP 20.4% of missing persons which is a total of 2 thousand.

Kucuk stated that 72 human remains were recordedin the first 6 months of 2013 which was a record for the committee and this was possible by expanding laboratories and employing new staff.

The third member of the committee, Paul-Henri Arni, stated again that 49% of the missing persons out of the listed 2 thousand were found and recorded and that this year 6 new scientists, 9 archaeologists, 2 geneticists and 1 co-ordinator have been added to the laboratory personnel.

Stating that a larger laboratory means achieving more results, Arni expressed that more resources are needed and 2013 could be the best year so far in terms of finding the missing persons.

Expressing that the studies have been continuing with a budget of 2.2 or 2.5 million Euros per year, Arni said that 300 thousand dollars are also needed for complex excavations and bone samplings.

Pointing out that the European Union met 90% of the said finance; Arni thanked the aids which came from the two sides of the island.


Near East University (NEU) Hospital was given a ‘golden award’ in Italy. According to the information given by the NEU Press and Public Relations Office, the award was given to the NEU Hospital in Rome, the capital of Italy.

Delivering a speech at the opening ceremony, the President of the NEU Board of Directors, Irfan Gunsel, gave information about the Near East UniversityTurkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. After the ceremony Gunsel stressed the importance of the ‘Golden Award’ in the press meeting held in Rome.

Speaking at the meeting Gunsel said that NEU Hospital is a fruit which is rising up in the land of North Cyprus and is being brought to life by the Near East University as a humanity orientated product.

Stating ‘I receive the Golden Award on behalf of my country’ Irfan S. Gunsel remarked that two months ago a ‘Golden Award’ was given to the NEU Hospital in Frankfurt in the European International Ceremony of the Bests. Gunsel stated his belief that the awards given to the TRNC have been raising the awareness of the TRNC in the world.


Girne University is going to take part in the studies of International Argo Program Argo Sensorexecuted in the Mediterranean and supported by IOC of UNESCO and World Meteorology Organization (WMO).

According to the statement of Girne University, Argo system is a kind of floating buoy which has the capacity to collect data continuously. The program is planned to be conducted by the Middle East Technical University Erdemli Marine Sciences and Girne University will place an argo system under the sea within the framework of this program. An Argo receiver will be laid down at Kilikya base between Turkey-TRNC through R/V Teal which is a research and application teal of Girne University and its brother university Near East University. At the end of this program, Argo will be watched by Girne University and data will be collected.


Girne American University Presidency stated that the process to found a Medical Faculty has started with the decision of the GAU Senate.

Serhat Akpinar smlIn the statement, it was stressed that the GAU Senate has taken the decision to make the TRNC an international centre of attraction in Medical Training.

In his statement regarding the issue, GAU Chancellor and President of the Board of Directors, Serhat Akpınar, said that a co-operation protocol has already been signed with Bilim University and Florence Nightingale Hospital.  A new process will also begin with the opening of a Medical Faculty and world standards will be established in the field of health and medical training.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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