February 6, 2023

 Presentation to Girne State Hospital by NCCCT

By Margaret Sheard

We attended Girne State Hospital on Tuesday 25th June for the presentation of a Molemax machine which is a computerised system NCCCT members with Dr Beyoglu and Fatma Denizfor checking moles and other skin lesions. This equipment was provided by the North Cyprus Cancer Charity Trust (NCCCT) at a cost of 34,000TL and is the only one of its type in the State Hospital system so the staff at the Girne Hospital were overjoyed at receiving this new piece of equipment.

We joined members of the NCCCT Committee led by their Chairman, Angela Hasman and Vice Chairman, Pauline Collins, and proceeded to the room where the machine was set up and were then joined by Dr Salih Beyoğlu and other doctors and staff from the hospital.

Dr Beyoğlu gave a speech in Turkish and Dr Salih Beyoglu presents a bouquet to Angela HasmanAngela Hasman also spoke to the people present and said how pleased NCCCT were to present the equipment as they understand the importance of it for everyone’s benefit. Angela also gave thanks to the people who support the charity by going to the charity shops, coffee mornings, etc. and to those volunteers who give their time at the shops and in running various events. Lastly, Angela thanked the hospital for their kind hospitality on the occasion of the presentation. Dr Beyoğlu presented Angela with a lovely bouquet of flowers on behalf of the hospital and staff.

The equipment was then demonstrated by Fatma Deniz who did A demonstrationher training in dermatology in Konya, Turkey. The demonstration was made in Turkish but there was no doubt as to how effective the equipment is by the images which appeared on the screen and of course Fatma’s expertise in analysing the information which is also displayed. A few of the people at the presentation took the opportunity of having skin lesions checked while we were there.

It is so rewarding to see how the donations Fatma Deniz demonstrateswhich are made at the various NCCCT events are spent and the benefits to people who may need medical attention. The equipment that NCCCT and others are providing to our local hospital goes a long way to improving the State Hospital service which is available to us all.

Angela told me that in addition to the Molemax equipment, NCCCT have also provided a treadmill at a cost of US$21,000 and a Defibrilator at a cost of 9,000TL. This shows all the good that the public’s donations can do and we should all feel proud of our contribution which is so much appreciated by the charity and the hospital. These 2 items have been provided but there has not been an official presentation as yet.

There are also plans in the pipeline to purchase a training package for physiotherapists for special massage for cancer patients and the cost of this package will be €1,200.

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2 thoughts on “NCCCT Presentation to Girne State Hospital

  1. Well done to all the people who give up their time in the charity shop and for all the donations, so many of the kind people of Girne have donated, well done to you all. Smithy

    1. Thank you for your comment. We should all be very grateful for the time people are willing to give to help others and also the people who support charities at their various events to enable the purchase of much needed new medical equipment etc.

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