December 6, 2022

Television News from BRT

By Can Gazi

On A Cup Of Conversation on BRT Can Gazi with the Kibris Liners 2FAMILY this Saturday the 8th of June you can watch members of the Kıbrıs Liners Dance Club,  dance live in the studio.

In between the dancing Chrissie Oktekin and Liz Simpson tell me more about line dancing and about being a member of this lively and happy group.

Tune in at 4.30pm to find out more, happy viewing!

On Sunday 9th June at 1.00pm Cyprus time, my colleague Engin Dervişağa has a (left) Gail Morris and Engin Dervişağa (right)fascinating interview on his great Vox Pop programme with Gail Morris the owner of The Nook Cafe in Ozanköy.

Gail was a qualified driving instructor in the UK also attended the Highfields College in Huddersfield where she lived and attained a distinction in Music Technology at the college. Since coming to North Cyprus she has owned the cafe in Ozanköy since the 7th October 2012.

Gail prepares Lasagne, Quiches, and many more lunches for her customers. The Nook Cafe is open from 12.00 noon to 6.o00pm for meals and from 6.00pm to 12.00 midnight for drinks.

This show will also be repeated on Tuesday 11th June 2013 at 1.00pm local time.

Do join us on BRT Family for those great weekend TV shows!

To go direct to Bayrak Family TV to watch these shows by live streaming on you PC at Cyprus local time click here and if you want to learn more of Bayrak Radio and Television  click here

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