October 3, 2022

Lapta Tourism Festival – Program

By Margaret Sheard

There have been many competitions and tournaments as part of the Lapta Tourism Festival which many people have participated in for their own enjoyment and for the entertainment of others who prefer not to take part but enjoy seeing these events.

Now the Festival itself is almost ready to go and this will start on 20th June and continue to 23rd June. Below you can see the brilliant program which has been arranged to attract people to Lapta when they can join with others to enjoy the Festival.


20th of June
20:00 Opening of Festival
20:15 Opening of Traditional Cyprus House
21:00 Opening Speeches
21:15 Mexican Dance Group Special Show
21:30 Ayda Concert

21st of June
20:00 The 6th North Cyprus Lapta Tourism Festival Special State Lottery
21:00 Group Garaj and Sultan Durusular Concert
21:30 Seksendört Concert

22nd of June
20:00 Lapta Folk Dance Group Show
20:20 Cyprus Arts Folk Dance Group Show
20:40 Czech Republic Folk Dance Show (Folklore Ensemble Marjanek)
21:00 Ankara Polatlı Municipality Folk Dance Group Show
21:20 Bavaria German Folk Dance Group Show
21:40 Republic of Togo Dance Show
(Association Pour La Valorisation Danses et Rythmes)
22:00 Mexican Dance Show (Compania De Nanza Folklorica)

23rd of June
20:30 Group Frekans Concert
22:00 Burcu Günes Concert

So there is plenty of entertainment to choose from and I am sure it is going to be a very busy time for the Lapta Belediyesi and especially Berke Ertopaloğlu who has been participating in many of the events as well as organising them with his band of helpers and after the 6th Lapta Tourism Festival is all done and dusted for this year he will be entitled to a well earned rest. Well done Berke and your team.

We all look forward to the 7th Lapta Tourism Festival next year.

Program poster

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