The 8th Creditwest Bank Car Treasure Hunt

By Chris Elliott

Here in North Cyprus there is such a wide variety of entertainment events and many of these are connected to great charity events and at times for the media it is very difficult to be on hand to record all of these events for you, the readers.

So it was when I went along to Creditwest Bank in Karaoğlanoğlu on Friday 26th April to meet the Civil Emergency Service Volunteers (CESV) A Wonderful donation of 6,015TLtogether with Corinna Phillips and Brian Hardie who had organized the 8th Car Treasure Hunt in conjunction with the Creditwest Bank, Karaoğlanoğlu Branch.

Arriving in time to take the obligatory pictures and witness the donation of 6,015tl in aid of the CESV volunteers by Brian and Corinna and Creditwest Bank Manager, Figen Kaymak, I decided the occasion demanded that both events which took place in April should be recorded and presented in the best way possible rather than a few words here on this page.

So it was I recorded interviews with Brian and Figen plus I spoke with Brenda Plant and Jenny Tyler of the Friends of the TRNC Emergency Services which incorporates the CESV volunteers and with pictures sent to me by Corrina and the CESV volunteers, I have put together the following video that conveys so much more than a few words on this page.

Do play the video and imagine you were there to see the event with 127 people and 38 cars enjoying their day out and celebrations on the beach.