December 2, 2022

 50th Wedding Anniversary in Çatalköy for Anna and Malcolm

We have received great news of the generosity of people from Laurence Floyd of the Children in Need Foundation and he has asked us to share this news with our readers.

The 50th Wedding anniversary of Anna and Malcolm Graham took place on the 20th April followed by a celebration at their home inMalcolm and Anna Graham Catalköy on the 21st April attended by 50 guests.

Anna and Malcolm had asked, that instead of bringing presents to celebrate their 50 years of marriage, would their guests offer a donation to the CINF,

A splendid total of 750tl was raised and presented to CINF committee member Lesley Fairley in the beautiful garden of their home.

The celebrations are to continue for Anna and Malcolm with their family visiting from Australia and the UK in July.


2 thoughts on “50th Wedding Anniversary in Catalkoy for Anna and Malcolm Graham

  1. Many thanks to Anna, Malcolm and their generous guests – monies
    will go towards our current support program for the provision of basic foodstuffs to the neediest children in Lefkosa and other towns being co-ordinated by the Social Services Dept and Mally Torris our Chairperson

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