January 31, 2023

6th Lapta Tourism Festival

Motorcycle Tour

By Margaret Sheard

Sunday 21st April was a very busy day for Berke Ertopaloğlu with an extremeEnjoying the dayly early start for the Fishing Competition and then getting himself ready for the Motorcycle Tour and the concert which followed afterwards.

The Motorcycle Tour meeting points were 10.30am at The Kyrenia Bikers Club, 11.30am at Gonyeli Roundabout and 1pm at K.A.S.K. Beach (Karşiyaka).

The route was Lapta, Kyrenia, Gonyeli, Yilmazkoy, Ҫamlibel, Karşiyaka, Alsancak and Lapta.

What a sight it must have been with these magnificent machines in convoy on the roads of North Cyprus and of course the dedicated bikers have aThe motorcycle tour goal of making awareness of motorcyles and bicycles and for road safety.

There was a good crowd of people ready to welcome the tour at the finishing point and there then followed a concert at the Sempati Hotel where Group Garage were ready to entertain the weary travellers and their fans.

The organisation and sponsors for this event were Lapta Municipality, Sempati Hotel, Group Garage, The Legend Bikers Club, Siradisi bir Gezgin, Jawa Ali and T & T Motors.

Photos courtesy of Berke Ertopaloglu, Lapta Belediyesi on Facebook.

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