January 29, 2023

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC
2nd Ten Pin Bowling Tournament

By Margaret Sheard

On Wednesday 17th April members of The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR) gathered together at the King’s Leiten-pin bowlingsure Centre to take part in the 2nd Ten Pin Bowling Tournament which had been organised by Richard (Brad) Bradley.

TFR has members from 15 different countries and everyone gets on together very well, however, when it comes to a Tournament there is quite a lot of friendly rivalry. This time there were 25 members present and we were split into 6 teams – 1 British, 1 Finnish, 2 German, 1 Mixed and 1 Swedish.

We all sorted ourselves out with registering and collecting our On with the Tournamentshoes and made for the bowling lanes for a practice session before starting the game in earnest. Soon we were all in full swing and trying our best to get good scores. Every now and again we could hear shouts from our neighbouring lanes when someone had a strike. I am afraid to say that the other 2 players making up our team, Brad and Kath were on good form and carried Chris and I, who were not. We really must try and get some practice in before the next tournament!

We had 2 games and then most people moveBrad giving the resultsd to the restaurant area for a bite to eat while Brad collected the score sheets to work out the results. So this is how we all ended up.

1st – Sweden
2nd – Germany (Team 1)
3rd – Finland
4th – Britain
5th – Mixed Team
6th – Germany (Team 2)

The 3 highest team scorers were Britt Marie (Sweden), Brad (Britain) and Ralph (The Winners - SwedenGermany).

The plaque was presented to the winning team and will be inscribed with Sweden as the winners of the 2nd Tournament.

It was all a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed themselves and will now be looking forward to the 3rd Tournament.

Many thanks to Brad for organising everything and keeping us all in line.

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