February 4, 2023

Friends” Line Dancers

at Bariş Park Spring Festival

By Margaret Sheard

The “Friends” LiThe Friends Line Dancersne Dancers were pleased to be asked to take part in another local festival which, this time, was “The Spring Festival” which was held in Bariş Park, Girne.

Janet Bartholomew has sent us a note about the event but has pointed out that this was not publicised sufficiently so very few expatriates were aware of the Festival.  This is such a shame as Bariş Park is such a lovely peaceful venue for this type of event.Janet Bartholomew (right)

A group of people from England calling themselves “The Second Wind Band” were also part of the day’s entertainment.  Unfortunately Janet, and her husband Stephen, had a Ceroc workshop at Altinkaya  plus other commitments so they could not stay to see this band perform.Friends Line Dancers relaxing in Baris Park

Despite the lack of an expatriate audience, it was a good day and the weather was kind as it was beautifully sunny and the “Friends” Line Dancers enjoyed their time there, dancing, relaxing and coffee drinking.

It's a cow Stephen, not a horse!

 We do try hard to give as much advance warning of what is happening in North Cyprus in our Weekly Events Calendar but I am afraid this one passed us by as well so we did not attend either.


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