May 30, 2023

CESV Pamper Day

By Chris Elliott

It was so interesting to read Claire Lamb’s account of the Pamper Day that she and her friends had at the Acapulco Spa that I decided to go along with the rest of the CESV members and friends when they had a day off there,  or so I thought.

I had decided to treat Margaret to a pamper day as well but as fate decreed, she managed to strain her back at the beginning of the week and was in a lot of pain for 3 or 4 days even though we were treating her condition with Tens treatment, hot 1 A very warm and attentive welcome smlcompresses pain killing tablets and gels etc. Sadly came the day to go to Acapulco she was still not able to move without great pain so I went alone for a day of chilling out and relaxation with many people I know.

The Acapulco Spa is what Claire described as a wonderful place where a warm welcome was assured and after I was taken on a guided tour to see all of the leisure and treatment areas I decided to catch up with a number of friends and chose to stick with a coffee and save the cakes and sandwiches for later.

Now it was time to get stuck in and I did, 7 Aqua babesstraight into the swimming pool which was so warm and inviting and just slowly swimming backwards and forwards was so delightful.

Next I went into the poolside Jacuzzi for a chat with more folk and to enjoy the sensation of pulsating water easing the tired and knotted muscles. Little did I realise that the snapper had been snapped and later I was to see my picture on Facebook. The paparazzi are everywhere.

Talking of taking pictures it was rather strange trying to take pictures and keep the camera from misting up.

Next I was being called to follow the rest of the guys and when I caught up with them a lot of them were experiencing a head massage whilst 19 Please don't stopthe rest just enjoyed the occasion with many witty comments. At this point I decided to walk through the treatment area and take some pictures of the treatment rooms which were very luxurious.

Now back for more coffee but some blighter had polished off all the sandwiches so I had the unenviable task of deciding which cakes or fruit to choose from. Now that is hard work when the choice is so great so you choose to compare the choices.

The day was now moving on so I decided to wander down and have a short spell in the steam room and sauna before staggering into the hammam to sit there gasping and relaxed and just pouring refreshing water all over myself.

I had not elected to have any of the extra treatments so getting changed I went back to the reception area in time to see CESV team members all clean and polished getting ready to go to the English22 Some never stopping helping others School of Kyrenia to hold another training session as part of the first aid and save a life courses they have been providing for the children there.

Seeing these guys go off to keep up the good work just gave me time to sit and have another coffee and talk to Claire who was delighted to tell me that 23 CESV members and friends had come for their special day out and the Acapulco Spa had donated 180TL to the team’s fundraising account which will enable them to buy much needed medical equipment for the TRNC Emergency Services.

So here I am sitting back to reflect on this day out which was great value and so enjoyable and I am pleased to report that Margaret is now feeling a lot better and I will take her to Acapulco soon for her special Pamper Day.

Why not come with me now to  visit to the Acapulco Centre  click here and when you enter click Gallery and watch a video of your choice and I suspect you may want to go there again soon.

To read more of Claire’s Day out click here

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