January 29, 2023

International Women’s Day at Bariș Park

Bariș Park was the venue for International Women’s Day in Girne and our friends the “Friends” Line Dancers were there to Friends Line Dancers 1entertain the people who made their way to the Park to enjoy the day.   We have received the following news from Janet Bartholomew who, with her husband Stephen, formed the “Friends” Line Dancers and they are so happy to give demonstrations whenever they can as they really enjoy their line dancing as well as Ceroc which they are now also getting into.

This is what Janet had to say about the day.

“We were thinking on the day we may have needed coats and umbrellas, but we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day, good for us and the families that came along to the event. We performed seven dances after which Friends Line Dancers 2we gladly received the refreshments provided.

We had a new lady named Barbara dancing with us, she enjoyed her first experience after getting over a few stage nerves. Eight of us were in the team as some of the Group are still in the UK, it is rather a good job we were all not present as I don`t think the area of the stage would have taken any more people.  I thought Stephen was going “man overboard” a few times.  A good time was had by all.”

Janet has also sent us a video link so sit back and enjoy the “Friends” Line Dancers.

By Margaret Sheard



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