January 27, 2023

 Dreaming with BRT

By Can Gazi

I am  pleased and very proud to work with a great bunchZehra Ozkan of talented people here at Bayrak Radio and Television, and it’s nice to be able to share some of their interests with you and this week I have included a poem written by Zehra Özkan who is well known here at BRT as Romantic Zel because of her love of writing poetry and the following is her favourite poem.

By Romantic Zel- (Zehra Özkan)


I feel lost in a dream
Is it true that you are no longer a part of me?
You were in my life for a while
I’m grateful for that.
Was I wrong to hope for more?
The skies are still blue in my picture
The grass still shines green
The mountains that divide us
Are the shades of brown we know
But the fire that burns inside of me
So red is now a yellow.
I’m cold
I’m hurt and lonely
I’m dreaming
Night and day I’m dreaming.
Every face is yours
Every place was our own
I’m still in a dream
Please wake me up. I’m dying…… 

To hear more from DJ Zel, tune in to her radio shows:

The Young Sound” – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 14.00pm with a further transmission on Saturday at 16.00pm local time.

There is also her special show “The Young Sound 80s/90s Special” on Fridays at 16.00pm.

To hear more of Romantic Zel when her shows are transmitted click here.

Whilst we leave you in the dreaming mood, we have found a Youtube video that we hope you may enjoy.


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