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Trevor’s Tips – February 2013

By Trevor Hughes

Car Documents

A customer of Dağlı Sigorta had his car documents stolen from his unlocked car. The log book, driving licence, insurance policy, MOT and emissions test results, all gone. Dağlı Sigorta replaced his insurance documents without charge, unlike some other insurance companies who do make a charge.

The remaining stolen documents and incident were reported to the poUK Driving licencelice in Girne. The officer at the police station typed out a letter covering the stolen log book, helping him if he is stopped by a police officer at a later date.

He will need to replace the log book at some time in the future, especially if he is considering adding a further name onto it and renewing his MOT etc. The replacement will cost him 307TL and the driving licence will also need to be replaced, costing him up to 246TL, at today’s prices!

To avoid a similar situation happening to you, can I suggest that you photocopy all of your car related documents, keeping them in the vehicle, as required by Law and lock the originals away in a safe place at home. This will save you money, inconvenience and is quite legal.

Of course if you lock your car after getting out of it, temptation to steal by those who perpetrate car crime will be somewhat diminished.

Machine Maintenance and Repair

I recentlyChainsaw needed to have my diesel generator and chain saw repaired and serviced. The company I used was Mustafa Kemal Arap, which is located opposite the Stroll Inn in Karakum and recommended to me.

His services and prices are second to none and a gentleman with which to do business. His English is excellent and he can be contacted by phoning 0533 868 3265. Highly recommended!

Temporary Residence

A gentleman came to my stall at Lambousa Market earlier this month and reported that upon going to the Ministry to renew his Temporary Residence, one month before it expired, he was told that he can only renew the permit two [2] weeks before it expires and not one month.

 I made enquiries at both the Ministry and the Main police station in Girne to ascertain whether this was true or not. The information given to the gentleman was false and Temporary Residence can still be renewed up to one [1] month before it expires.

Mains Water supply

I received an e-mail this week from one of my readers informing me that he had been away for a short while and upon his return his water bill totalled 907TL. The size of his bill was possibly due to a mains water leak, on his side Dripping tapof the water meter. Having made enquiries on his behalf at our Belediyesi, any water leakage on his side of the meter is his responsibility and he must be liable for the full amount.

Can I suggest that if you are leaving your premises for long periods of time, you contact your own Belediyesi requesting them to disconnect your water meter before leaving on your travels? There is no charge for this service, but reconnection is charged at 23 TL and will be undertaken within forty eight [48] hours, after requesting reconnection. If your water bill is excessive upon your return, you will have concrete evidence that a mistake must have been made.

If this is not for you, can I suggest, the very least you should do, is turn the water meter off and remove the turn key.

Bank Account

I was in discussion with my bank the other day and they suggested customers should consider having a close relative’s name added to their account[s]. If both myself and my wife die at the same time [car crash], money cannot Piggie bankbe released until the probate process has been exhausted and who will pay the funeral expenses, in the meantime?  The solution is simple! Get a trusted third name on your account and he/she should have enough money in your account to pay the expense of burial or repatriation.

If you wish to make this facility available to the named person, he/she must physically go into the bank with you, with their passport and sign the necessary paperwork, all done in a matter of moments.


A new fitness facility has become available at the Black Olive Restaurant, on Tuesdays Stretyching Exercisefrom 17.00 to 1800 hrs, and Thursdays from 12.00 to 1300 hrs.

Sessions are run by a qualified Master of Sports, who will cater for the absolute beginner right through to the more advanced pupil. All classes are designed with fun in mind, whilst keeping fit and shedding those unwanted pounds.

The cost is only 15TL per session and appointments can be made by ringing 0533 867 2335 and ask for Larisa.

Permanent Residence

Readers, who may be considering taking up the Government’s offer of Permanent Residence, should note the fee of 1486TL remains unchanged [as yet] even though the minimum wage is to increase next month. The formula for calculating the Permanent Residence fee is linked to minimum wage awards.

Pharmacy Medications

Citizens of mainland Turkey receive free prescription medicines, just like we do, or used to in the U K. Because drug manufacturers are costing the Country enormous amounts of money, the Government has decided enough is enough. chemist logoAs a result they have successfully negotiated a significant reduction in price of medicines without affecting quality.

Because Turkey is the motherland of the T R N C, we are also benefiting from the significant price reduction on medicines purchased from pharmacies. Price reductions are from 30% to 80% depending on the nature of medicine purchased. So be aware when repeating your next purchase and check if the pharmacy has reduced his/her prices, accordingly.

Adding a name onto your vehicle Log Book

A very kind reader sent me an e-mail regarding changes in the procedure of adding a name onto your log book.

The current requirements are now as follows,

         A 9 T L postage stamp

         The original passports of the person(s) who are to be named on the Log Book.

         Photo copies of the photo page of the passports.

         Photo copies of the latest Residence Stamps.TRNC Vehicle Log Book

         Your car Log Book.

         Your Vehicle Road Fund disc.

         Your valid M O T certificate.

         And of course the payment fee, currently 185TL.

Can I recommend that you attend the office in Lefkosa around 08.00am, to avoid waiting in an ever growing queue. When in the office, take a ticket from both machines and this will help you avoid being shuttled from pillar to post, trying to find the correct counter.


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  1. RE: Trevor’s Tips – February 2013 – Car Documents: (…) can I suggest that you photocopy all of your car related documents, keeping them in the vehicle, as required by Law and lock the originals away in a safe place at home. (…)

    ▶ If the above is legal – why not do the same with your passport (the main page and the page with your residency stamp), your pink or blue booklet and other important documents? That’s what I did and the police didn’t have a problem with the scans of my documents when I was stopped (twice).

    1. Thank you for that comment Hans and your and it is now added to the article. Your contributions are much appreciated and no doubt will help someone, sometime which is all we want to achieve. on our website.

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