January 30, 2023

Bayrak TV Needs You!

By Can Gazi

Bayrak Radio & Television Corporation is the government-run voice of the Turkish Cypriots living on the island. With six radio stations and two television channels, there is Bayrak Familysomething to suit all tastes. On the second television channel called Bayrak Family, established in 1997, the programmes aired deal mainly with art, culture and light entertainment. Whilst the transmission is mainly in Turkish language, there are two English shows that are broadcast over the weekend.

On a Saturday afternoon at 4.30pm viewers can watch a studio based chat show called “A Cup Of Conversation”, presented by Can Gazi. Every week different guests are invited to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea whilst talking about themselves and their work. The show aims to promote the culture of North Cyprus, focussing heavily on interesting people, places and local events.

On Sundays at 1pm you can catch Vox Pop, a lively show presented by Engin Dervişağa. Engin can often be seen out and about on the streets of North Cyprus with a microphone in his hand and a cameraman by his side. He interviews people from different walks of life and is always ready to help promote a location or event taking place in the TRNC. A lot of time and effort is spent editing Vox Pop and the programme is aired with Turkish subtitles so that the local community is not excluded from show.

Both Can and Engin are always happy to meet new people and to help promote North Cyprus in a positive light. If you would like to join We Need Youeither Can, in the comfy studios in Lefkoşa, or if you would like Engin to come to you and film you in your natural surroundings then please feel free to contact them. You can reach Can via the email: bayrakinterbrt2@yahoo.com and Engin can be reached at engindervisaga1972@hotmail.com. You can also ask for them at the Bayrak switchboard on the number (0392) 22 55555.

Bayrak Radio & Television not only broadcasts locally, but can be viewed across Europe and the Middle East via satellite (TURKSAT  3A) and also around the world on the Internet website www.brtk.net. Happy viewing!

Don’t forget you can also access BRT by clicking the BRT button on the right of this screen and then click the link you want from the Bayrak information page. You will also find other articles about BRT by clicking on the BRT top menu tab  above.

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