Bringing in the New Year at The Courtyard 

What nicer venue than The Courtyard in Karakum to have a meal and bring in the New Year.  On Monday 31st December 2012 this DJ Ianis what we did and had a lovely evening leading up to the bringing in of 2013.

There were quite a few different nationalities enjoying the evening at The Courtyard and DJ Ian arrived and started the music which then carried on for the rest of the evening. 

There was a 4-course meal of soup, followed by a very good choice from the menu of starter, main course and dessert.  The meal was excellent, the staff were very attentive and Mo was there to make sure everything ran smoothly.   The tables were nicely decorated with party hats, crackersEnjoying the evening, party poppers and noisemakers and the restaurant was very festive with decorations and a nice log fire.

During the evening people took to the floor to dance and DJ Ian was happy to play any requests the guests might have.   At one point, Mackenzie, the son of a couple on the next table to ours decided to do his own thing and he was fantastic.   The particular music being played was Gangnam Style and I suspect he knew the music well Mackenzie dancing Gangnam Styleas he certainly had his own interpretation and he had most of people there around him clapping and really enjoying watching his very energetic dancing.  Mackenzie seemed to be really enjoying it too.

The time was by then moving on and everyone was getting ready for the midnight chimes to herald in the New Year.   After a count-down the year 2013 was welcomed with a lot of cheering, clapping and kisses all round.

So another year has started, a few Bringing in the New Yearpeople were getting ready to leave but everyone else was not in a hurry and content to sit and chat and listen to the music.

Thank you to Mo and the staff at The Courtyard for an excellent New Year’s Eve party and a Happy New Year to all of our readers.

By Margaret Sheard

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