March 22, 2023

Christmas Cheer in Çatalköy

I was delighted to receive an invitation  to go along to the second Çatalköy Belediyesi Christmas Get-together for all  local residents and it was so nice to meet again, so many Çatalköy Municipality Christmas Partyold friends who I met at last year’s event.

Bigger and better is the philosophy of  Çatalköy Mayor Mehmet Hulusioğlu and his speech was translated with great humour by the Chief Architect, Ahmet Rençber and they  really do hold dear the sense of one big happy family coming together to share cultures and friendship and create a bright new world and future.

Çatalköy Mayor, Mehmet Hulusioĝlu
Çatalköy Mayor, Mehmet Hulusioĝlu

Sadly I was unable to stay to the end of the event and as I was leaving the entertainment started with music and youngsters singing and we have placed below a picture slideshow showing so many people enjoying this festive occasion of  the coming of Christmas and of course the New Year which is so important to our Muslim brothers and sisters.

With a world which has seen so much sadness in recent times, it is so refreshing to see in Çatalköy and the rest of North Cyprus, so much friendship with peace and harmony between cultures and long may it continue. 

Well done Mr Mayor, please keep up the good work and we look forward to Christmas 2013 for even more good news!

By Chris Elliott

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