February 4, 2023

Christmas is Coming

Where has this year gone?   There are so many activities in North Cyprus all the year round and all of a sudden Christmas is almost here.  Although the weather is now changing, the days are still relatively warm so maybe we don’t recognise as easily the fast approaching Christmas festivities until they are almost upon us.

So what are we all going to do for Christmas?  Some may return to the UK to be with their families, some may go off for a holiday and others remain here and enjoy what is on offer locally.   There are many restaurants in North Cyprus who cater for the expatriates with traditional Christmas meals and one of my own local hostelries is Rafters Restaurant in Ozankőy who always put on a lovely Christmas Day lunch and this is where I usually go.

Over the past few years we have had a great time on Christmas Day at Rafters as have all of the other local residents who book early to be sure of a table.    Abbas makes sure the place is festive and cosy, with a Christmas Tree and decorations and a roaring log fire, what more could you ask for.

I am including photographs we took last year at Rafters which we are re-publishing here and I am sure the fast approaching event on 25th December will again live up to all expectations so after Christmas is all over I will write an article so everyone can see what a good time we had.

As well as Christmas Day, Abbas is arranging party nights for Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve so Rafters is going to be buzzing for the whole of the festive season.   See the links for these party nights.

Christmas Eve  ;  Christmas Day  ;  Boxing Day  ;  New Year’s Eve

By Margaret Sheard

4 thoughts on “Rafters Restaurant, Ozankoy, Christmas Festivities

  1. Have just compared the menus for Christmas Eve and News Years Eve at Rafters and would like to know whym on Christmas Eve it is advettised at 28TL and on New Years Eve isit is £28. No logic in the price structure.

    1. Zulu Warrior why are you asking these questions here????

      Surely if you really wanted an answer you should contact Abbas who runs Rafters and ask him the question.

      At the end of the day guests are not made to attend, they have a choice and some will decide they want to pay the price and go there.

      Perhaps you would like to do a further survey of similar prices charged in the UK and let us have your views on that as well.

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