December 10, 2022

Cruise Ship Visits TRNC

There is an intersting series of articles on the Bayrak Radio/Television website and one in particular caught my eye and made very interesting reading.

Picture Credit Bayrak Radio/Television

Yes, it’s true, a cruise ship visited the  TRNC and why not, the world has moved on with Communities and States developing separately  and the arguments of the past are very outdated. See more by clicking here on : BRT.

Not only are there interesting articles on BRT  but there is also live streaming of both Radio and TV transmissions in Turkish and English, so this has to be a stopover for those seeking the latest news and the opportunity to relax and chill out with a tune or two or an interesting conversation or review.

Are you intrigued? then click on the BRT logo on the right hand side of this blog, click and then select BRT International Live Radio or BRT Family TV Live to see what is available.

More news of BRT soon, keep watching for news!

Well done BRT keep up the good work.

By Chris Elliott

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