December 3, 2022

Sunday Lunch in North Cyprus 

Sheraz Restaurant, Çatalkőy 

There are many restaurants in North Cyprus where you can get a traditional Sunday roast and amongst my favourites for this type of meal is Sheraz in Çatalkőy.

Last Sunday, on the spur of the moment, my partner and I thought we would treat ourselves and get away from the computer for a couple of hours and what better thing to do than go out and have a nice Sunday roast.  So we headed off for Sheraz where we were fairly sure they would be able to find us a table for two.

We were not disappointed and received the usual warm welcome from Rustam and his staff and sat down for a cool drink and to look at the menu.   There is a nice choice of starters and the main course is a choice of Beef, Lamb or Chicken.  Of course there is still the normal choice of curries etc. from their main menu which can be ordered.  Being vegetarian I always order the beef and then pass the meat over to my partner, I like everything else that goes with a Sunday lunch and Sheraz is very accommodating and bring extra vegetables so I have a nice plateful of food without the meat.

We have dined at Sheraz on many occasions and have always been very satisfied with the food and service, the inside dining room and bar area are large and well furnished and in the summer it is nice to sit outside on their very large terrace where there is also a bar.   Sheraz have entertainment on Wednesday evenings when Chrissie sings for the enjoyment of their customers and Thursday is curry night.

We celebrated the occasion of their third anniversary with them in April 2012 and Sheraz, together with Easy G, the entertainer, kindly agreed to also make it a fund-raising event in aid of Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips) when we were able to raise 561.73 TL for this worthy cause. 

Nice restaurant and nice people.

I will shortly be re-publishing the Sheraz 3rd Anniversary article which appeared in a newspaper as it was such a nice event.

By Margaret Sheard



4 thoughts on “North Cyprus – Sheraz Restaurant, Catalkoy

  1. I love going to a good restaurant and eating fabulous food! But most of the time the service you receive from the waiters/waitresses makes a big difference in what you think of the place.

    1. Hello thanks for your comments. Yes what you say is very true and I see you are in Canada and the same can be said for wherever you live. Here in North Cyprus most restaurant staff are very friendly and wanting to help. Perhaps you should visit North Cyprus sometime, you will not be disappointed

      1. That’s always good to hear. Here in Canada, I’ve run into a little of snotty and rude waiters and waitresses who seem like they’d rather be anywhere but there. It can ruin the atmosphere of the restaurant, and make you not so keen on returning there. But I’m glad to hear that most restaurant staff in North Cyprus are friendy.

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