February 6, 2023

Çatalköy Cultural Festival

22nd and 23rd September

Hot on the heels of visiting BRT television to take part in the recording  of a programme about cyprusscene.com, I went out last evening to Catalköy for a press conference with a difference about the forthcoming Catalköy Cultural  Festival.

By the time I negotiated past the police road blocks I arrived mid way up the hill to Çatalköy which is probably the site of past quarrying of the rock formation and what a site beheld me.

This was a press preview with a difference and as far as I could see there were no other English press representatives there. The scene I saw was to say the least not only impressive but beautiful and breathtaking.

Soon the camera crews and other people were gathering and the Çatalköy Mayor, Mehmet Hulusioĝlu together with well known actor and Çatalköy Municipality, Cultural Director, Derman Atik gathered together with many other supporting partners to present their news to the media of a Cultural Event which is to be held in Çatalköy on the 22nd and 23rd of September.  You will find attached an English programme and you are invited to attend this great festival.

I was introduced to the famous Turkish Cypriot Fashion Designer, Abdullah Öztoprak who lives and works in Ankara and he told me he was invited to help with the Catalköy Cultural Festival and he will be directing and choreographing a show with a big difference. He plans to have 40 models showing his designs in four distinctive themes and not only that,  he will bring a Mevlevi or Whirling Dervish dancer over from Turkey who will be performing and he would also like all expats of whatever nationality to come along in their national dress as it is planned to have a mass gathering and procession to complete this event around 9.00pm on the 23rd September.  

Abdullah also told me he is planning a further show in Famagusta in November featuring the history of the city before taking the production and show to Milan. Sadly I doubt I will be attending any and I am also so sad I will be away during the Catalköy Festival.

See below for event details

Front Cover        22nd September Events section 1

22nd September Events section 2        23rd September events

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