December 10, 2022

Kyrenia is alive and well

Tourists that were there, would go away and tell of a not so sleepy North Cyprus.

One of the nice things about writing is to have unexpected  experiences that become a new opportunity and I would like to share one of these with you.

“Last Saturday I was down town in Kyrenia for a number of meetings and was delighted to have some spare time to wander at ease down the High Street past the old Round Tower and take in the splendour of the activities around me.

Everywhere were cascading garlands of white and red balloons across the street with so many people and children walking down the closed road. On either side on the pavement were vendors selling all sorts of tempting foods. This day was a series of days arranged to encourage us, the locals, to seek a deal from the shop keepers who had their produce on the pavements as well. So many shops were bedecked with balloons which were gorgeous and the whole atmosphere was that of a carnival.

Entertainment was not far away with clowns and jugglers and music from two DJs along the High Street with people having fun bopping to the exciting sounds. Children were there open mouthed at the sights before them and looking around there were a few senior citizens also looking on in awe at the sight of dear old Kyrenia alive and well.

Nearing the top of the High Street and passing the children’s swings by the Municipality Building I met my friend Suzi from Tulips who persuaded me to make a donation for yet more sweet Lokma! Oh the increasing waistline. Nearby was a group of young lads from “Garaj” a band who specialise in Turkish rock and they were setting up to entertain the merry makers on behalf of Tulips. There are so many good bands now coming forward to help Tulips and the other charities, we are in for a very entertaining year.

The whole scene put me in mind of my youth when I used to go to go to the famous Petticoat Lane, Walthamstow or Notting Hill markets in London where there were so many people milling around.

What an incredible feat of organisation and splendour that had been arranged and those tourists that were there would go away and tell of a not so sleepy North Cyprus. If this splendour was repeated more often throughout TRNC then the world would soon realise that North Cyprus is alive, dynamic and very well.”

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