March 23, 2023

Fire causes traffic chaos 

in Çatalköy

By Mary Day

An electricity pole was the cause of a fire on Thursday afternoon, which came within meters of shops and houses on the main Ḉatalkoy road and narrowly avoided what could have been a local disaster. It is believed that sparks from the live cables started the fire.

18 aThe fire started around 3:45pm on Thursday 19th June on the main road just meters from Universal bank, The Food Lodge and other businesses were threatened when the electricity pole came crashing down leaving live mains cables spread across the road, traffic was immediately stopped causing a widespread traffic jam in and around the surrounding area.

I had been driving along the road when I noticed smoke drifting alongside the grass verge, I immediately called the fire service but within seconds of doing so Çatalköy Belediyesi workers appeared along with local residents and shop owners who proceeded to break off branches from trees to thrash out the fire in an attempt to bring it under control. The fire was spreading very quickly and a further two fires had started within meters of each other and due to strong winds was rapidly taking hold devouring the land around and had only been noticed by an observant onlooker.

A pass21 sing cement truck also stopped alongside those attempting to bring the fire under control and to assist with putting out the fire as quickly as possible as we all know that during the hot weather how a fire can spread so very fast, there was water stored on the truck which is normally used to wash the cement from the truck once the cement load has been delivered but today the gentleman driving the truck played a very vital role in preventing a near disaster.

I must say that the fire service response was a very swift one and the fire was soon under control and extinguished. It is unclear as to how the electricity pole was damaged but I certainly could not see any signs of any damage other than perhaps that of old age and rotting wood which may have caused the problem, the Police have been making enquiries but as yet have no other conclusion to offer as to the cause of the pole breaking.

I think we all need to take care and this is a reminder of how quickly fire can spread during the hot summer months and for us all to ensure that we have the correct emergency numbers that are needed should you need to report a fire as I found I had the need to.


Forest Fire – 177Catalkoy Fire You will see ‘Alo-177’ signs on the roads as you travel around North Cyprus.

Fire Service – 199 This number is for any other fire issue such as property related fires.

Remember these numbers are for emergency purposes only.

It is worth noting that it is illegal to light fires for barbeques anywhere near or within reach of forest areas unless otherwise designated, and that bonfires are also illegal without the necessary permit.

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