March 21, 2023

Write to Cyprusscene


If you have local community news about entertainment, sport or perhaps you would like to have a readers letter published if we think it will be of interest to our readers, do please send us details through the contact form below and we will contact you to obtain pictures and posters when needed.


Please send us details of your local events so these can be shared with other local readers who may also wish to go along to these events.

These events are published in an article every week on cyprusscene to maximise the outreach of our readers’ contributions.

We also share this event news in  North Cyprus Forum  members events calendar which gives location details and events published there by members are then shared back through the next weekly events calendar that is shared on cyprusscene.


Please send us details of your local news with a few pictures and we will try to publish and share this on cyprusscene.

Perhaps you may like to write a review of a loacal event or subject that will be of interest to our other readers and we can work with you to help you develop your contribution into a quality publication.


We have had many people write to us asking for help in finding long lost Cyprus friends and if you click on the picture of Margaret and Sermen you will read a great true life story.

When Sermen asked how can I find a long lost friend, we said write about her and he did and they were reunited.

We have many other cases like this and it’s strange how some readers comment on articles we publish and when asked, many agree for us to help them write their memoirs which then start the friends network growing again as other readers offer help and advice.


We are always interested to hear from our readers about their thoughts and ideas so here is an opportunity to share your thoughts in a friendly manner with other readers.

Let us be plain on this point, anybody submitting a contribution must understand that they cannot request their name and address to be withheld and for those that want anonymity, then cyprusscene is not the place to sound off from behind a hidden identity.

For those wishing to make a complaint we will try to arrange a private introduction to those who can best deal with the complaint. If there is an issue that we feel we have the ability to follow up for the benefit of our local readers, then we reserve the right to do so.





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