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TRNC News Tody 5th May 2015 – Akinci – “Negotiation process is resuming”

TRNC News Today 5th May 2015 Akıncı : “Negotiation process is resuming” In his press statement after the meeting with the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Adviser for Cyprus, Espen Barth Eide, President Akıncı has pointed out that the negotiation process will resume and that they have discussed how […]

TRNC News Today 30th March 2015 – Press Statement: Hydrocarbon exploration ships have left the Island

TRNC News Today 30th March 2015 Press Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the TRNC “SAIPEM 10000” drillship, which has been operating around the Island of Cyprus as part of the Greek Cypriot hydrocarbon exploitation activities, has sailed away from the region of its operation earlier […]

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