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TRNC News – Burcu: Negotiations can resume with elimination of Enosis Plebiscite

Burcu: “The elimination of the commemoration of the Enosis Plebiscite in schools will enable the resumption of the negotiation process” The TRNC Presidential Spokesperson Barış Burcu has stated that if the Greek Cypriot Parliament takes the necessary steps to eliminate the commemoration of the Enosis plebiscite at schools […]

TRNC News 24.2.2017 Burcu to Greek Cypriot side – stop distorting the truth

Burcu to the Greek Cypriot side: “Try to understand Turkish Cypriot people, stop distorting the truth” The Presidential Spokesperson Barış Burcu called upon the Greek Cypriot authorities to try to understand the feelings and the reaction of the Turkish Cypriot people and to stop distorting the truth. In […]

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