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From Australia with Love through a story of Gallipoli

From Australia with Love – through a story of Gallipoli   By Sermen Erdogan, I  read an  article a little while back  by  Chris Elliott in the Cyprusscene.com website entitled “RBL, Kyrenia Branch: Çanakkale – Gallipoli“.  This got me interested in putting this story together.  Also thanks to Chris Elliott […]

Cyprus – Childhood Memories in the British Governors House, 1957-1962

By Margaret Archibald and Sermen Erdogan……. After a relentless search by Sermen Erdogan of  England and Scotland and after the article of “Childhood Memories in the Governors House 1950-1961 – RIP” was published on http://www.cyprusscene.com click here, Sermen  Erdogan managed to make contact with Margaret of the Archibald family. […]

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